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Park Slope Parents is a community of Brooklyn parents who share ideas. Along with our larger groups (PSP Advice, PSP Classifieds, and PSP Career Networking), we have smaller, cozy groups to help you chat / meet up—in person or via Zoom—and share the joys and jokes, trials and tribulations of parenting.

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PSP Main Groups

Expectant, Baby & Toddler Groups*

Parenting Groups*

General Interest and Hobby Groups*

General Interest Groups*

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Career Groups*

Tough Stuff Groups*

School Groups

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OUR MAIN GROUPS: (These live on a separate platform from our smaller Specialty Groups) 

PSP Advice Group

PSP Classifieds Group

Parenting Groups

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PSP Adoptive Parents

PSP Allergy Group

PSP Alphabet Soup (aka Special Needs Kids)

PSP Blended Families

PSP Dads Group

PSP Grandparents


PSP One Child Family

PSP Parents with ADHD / ADD

PSP SDS (Separated, Divorced, and Single) Group

PSP Single Parents by Choice (SPC) Group

PSP Sober and Sober Curious Parenting Group

PSP Stay At Home Parents (SAHP) 

PSP Tweens & Teens Group

PSP Twins and Multiples Group

PSP WOMBATs (Wonderful Older Moms of Babies and Toddlers) 

General Interest and Hobby Groups

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PSP BeingFit

PSP BeingFit Accountability Group

PSP Activists Group 

PSP Anti-Racist Group

PSP BK Stay or Go 

PSP Book & Media Lovers Group

PSP Cooking Group

PSP Crafting Group 

PSP Gardeners

PSP Green/ Sustainability

PSP Outdoor Adventure (Hiking, Camping, Water Sports)

PSP NEW to the Neighborhood

PSP Tabletop Gamers Group

PSP Vegetarian & Vegan Families Group 

PSP Volunteer Corps

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Tough Stuff

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PSP Aging Parents

PSP Illness/Cancer Warriors

PSP Child Bereavement & Hope

PSP Motherless Mothers Meetup Group  

PSP Preemie/ NICU Support  

PSP Widows & Widowers

Interested? for more information on how to join one of PSP's many specialty groups, including TOUGH STUFF, visit us HERE.

Career Sub-Groups

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General Career Networking (PSPCAN) Jump-start a new career, post questions about work to parents who are already facing those tasks, and be informed about new tools and resources, all on this group with over 4500 members.

PSP Architecture & Design - For architects, designers, furniture designers, craftspeople, etc.

PSP Data Geeks - For spreadsheet and number lovers

PSP Education Group - For those in the field of education

PSP Fashion Group - For those working with apparel, beauty, home fashions and all aspects of merchandising

PSP Finance Professionals Group - For personal wealth management, trading, research, and anything in between

PSP Fine Arts Network - For visual artists

PSP Freelancers - For freelancers working in every industry

PSP Health Careers Group - For those in the medical, mental health, therapy, and healing arts fields

PSP Journalists - For all journalists, full-time, part-time, and freelance

PSP Kid / Baby Businesses - For those with a biz focused on kids/babies/families

PSP Law Group - For those practicing in the field of law

PSP Marketing & Communications Professionals Group For marketing/PR folks, event planners, and beyond

PSP Media Professionals Group - For those working on fiction or non-fiction media in print, web, video or film

PSP Music and Musicians - For amateur and professional musicians

PSP Non Profit Group - For those working or volunteering at a nonprofit

PSP Real Estate Career Networking Group - For real estate professionals including agents, architects, contractors, interior designers, and beyond

PSP Small Business Support Group - For entrepreneurs and small biz Owners

PSP Tech Group - For those working/tinkering with social media, software, programming, app development, and beyond

PSP Volunteer Corps - For those looking to help out local groups

PSP Working Moms - For moms who want to discuss bridging the divide between work and family

PSP Parents in Entertainment Group - For those in music, sports, theatre, news, and beyond, either on stage or behnd the scenes

PSP Podcasters Group - For those making podcasts, developing podcasts, or dreaming about creating podcasts

PSP Writers Circle - For all aspects of writing, editing, and publishing

PSP Editors - For print and online editors and allied fields

PSP Green Careers - For those in green/sustainability industries and roles

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Culture, Heritage, and Language Groups

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PSP Specialty Groups include our very active Bilingual Groups. These groups are for parents who have an interest in, or who speak in, languages other than English. The focus is on arranging activities conducted in a non-English language as well as providing support. Our Multilingual Families group is a primary source of engagement for families speaking in languages other than English. This group offers networking and support for parents raising kids to speak multiple languages at home.

Multilingual Families

People Of Color Affinity Group

Multiracial Group

African American Caribbean Heritage Group

Aussies Group

Brazilian Portuguese Language Group

Brit Pack

Chinese Language Group

Dutch Language Group

Farsi Group

Filipino Group

French Language Group

German Language Group

Hebrew Group

Italian Language Group

Japanese Language Group

Korean Language Group

Polish Language Group

Russian Language Group

Swedish Language Group

South Asian Group

Spanish Language Group

Ukrainian Group

Vietnamese Group

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School & Kid Groups

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Homeschooling/Podding Group - For folks who are either homeschooling full-time or putting together a pandemic-related schooling arrangement

PSP 321 Kindergarten Kids 2021 

PSP PreK K280 Fall 2021

PSP K280 Fall 2020

PSP 2021 Kids

PSP 2020 Kids

PSP 2019 Kids

PSP 2018 Kids

PSP 2017 Kids

PSP Pre-K Group 2016

PSP 2015 K Group

Elementary School Group

PSP School PTA/PA/PTSO Collaboration Group

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Out of Towner Groups

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Out of Towners - For people who have left the city (temporarily or longer-term) to find each other and discuss the goings-on in other places

Capital Region & Upstate NY


Long Island

New Jersey

NY East of the Hudson River

NY West of the Hudson River

Philly and Beyond



Boston and Beyond

California Northern

California Southern

Midwest U.S.

New England



Interested? for more information on how to join one of PSP's many specialty groups, visit us HERE!

Neighborhood Groups

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Living, working, or hoping to live in a neighborhood outside of Park Slope? Join a Neighborhood Group to get connected to folks in your corner of NYC, discuss local resources, and organize meet-ups!


Downtown / BK Heights / Dumbo


Flatbush / Ditmas Park / Midwood

South Slope / Greenwood / Sunset Park

Kensington / Windsor Terrace

North Brooklyn

Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Bay Ridge / South Brooklyn

Prospect & Crown Heights

Fort Greene / Clinton Hill

Interested? for more information on how to join one of PSP's many specialty groups, visit us HERE!

Expectant, Baby & Toddler Groups

We open our groups about 4 or 5 months before the babies are due. Click on this form and we'll get you signed up! You'll need to be a PSP member - JOIN HERE.

If you have a due date in a month whose group hasn't launched yet, join us anyway! We’ll get your baby group launched shortly. In the meantime, you can start learning about the PSP neighborhood as well as start scoring great things from the Classifieds!

2023 Expectant and Baby Groups

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

April 2023

May 2023

2022 Expectant and Baby Groups

January 2022

February 2022

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

June 2022

July 2022

August 2022

September 2022

October 2022

November 2022

December 2022

PSP DoublePlus Babies 2022 - For parents who are expecting a 2022 baby and have older siblings

2021 Expectant and Baby Groups

Winter 2021

  January 2021

  February 2021

  March 2021

Spring 2021

  April 2021

  May 2021 

  June 2021 

Summer 2021

  July 2021 

  August 2021 

  September 2021 

Fall 2021

  October 2021 

  November 2021 

  December 2021

PSP DoublePlusBabies 2021 - For parents who are expecting a 2021 baby and have older siblings

2020 Expectant and Baby Groups

Winter 2020

  January 2020

  February 2020 

  March 2020 

Spring 2020

  April 2020 

  May 2020 

  June 2020 

Summer 2020

  July 2020 

  August 2020

  September 2020

Fall 2020

  October 2020

  November 2020

  December 2020 

PSP DoublePlusBabies 2020 - For parents who are expecting a 2020 baby and have older siblings

2019 Expectant and Baby Groups 

Winter 2019

  January 2019

  February 2019

  March 2019

Spring 2019

  April 2019

  May 2019

  June 2019

Summer 2019

  July 2019

  August 2019

  September 2019

Fall 2019

  October 2019

  November 2019

  December 2019

PSP DoublePlusBabies 2019 - For parents who have an older child and a 2018 or 2019 baby

2018 Expectant and Baby Groups

Winter 2018

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2018


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