Taking Fall Photos of your Kids

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It's FALL and the leaves are beautiful right now.  Take some time to use the backdrop of the fall to get some great photos of your family. 

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- Take photos of leaf fights and kids throwing leaves up in the air.

- Look for contrasting colors (bright yellow leaves against a dark-colored rock).

- Have the kids lay down in the leaves or buried in the leaves. (For older subjects, take photos from head to toe to avoid double chins!)

- Kids don't have to be in fall colors—other colors, such as blue and green, will "pop" even better.

- Photograph during sunrise or sunset for the best light and color.

- Photograph outdoors when your shadow is longer than you are, usually in the afternoon. (Today near the 9th Street Playground, the sun was going behind the buildings around 4:00.)

- Take photos with the sun coming through the leaves but use a tree trunk or something else so so there's no direct light going into your lens.

- If you are taking portraits, consider turning on your flash to get both the leaf color AND your kids' faces. Okay, it's a bit 80s, but use the sun to backlight your hair from behind (using a flash to light up your face-- but stand back so the flash isn't too stark. Lay on the ground with your subject above you so you get the leaves and tree limbs as part of the background. (Double check that there's not a big limb as a horn).


More techy stuff:

- Use a polarizing lens if you've got one.

- Underexpose your shots slightly.

- Use portrait mode to blur the background.

- Use your macro setting to capture close shots of light shining through the leaf with the veins showing through.

- Use a short depth of field in order to blur the leaves and JUST get the color while keeping the person in focus.


FINALLY: Go with another family and swap taking a family portrait—it's great to have the WHOLE bunch of you. And parents—make sure to get photos of yourself!




fall greenwood 2


- Susan Fox