An Interview with Lisa Loeb, who plays the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Children’s Concert on June 17th

lisa loeb - photo credit juan patinoPhoto: Juan Patino

Lisa Loeb (known for her platinum-selling number one hit “Stay/I Missed You”), will be playing at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival on Saturday, June 17th with The Knights.   Lisa sat down with Suzi Shelton (Park Slope’s singer/songwriter to the playground set) to talk about Lisa’s upcoming concert at the Prospect Park Bandshell, her newest award-winning family album, and juggling the “mental load” of life with 2 kids.



Suzi: Hi Lisa! Can you tell us a little bit about your life as Mom to Lyla (7) and Emet (5)?

Lisa: You have so much on your plate as a parent, especially as a working parent. Plus, my work is creative so there are lots of projects leap-frogging each other – and child care to juggle the leapfrogging and organizing. I’m making sure to tell my husband that the cat needs her medicine, and that this one has a play-date and that one has karate and all of the details, which I recently read was the “mental load.”


Suzi: I love your NEW album (Feel What U Feel – released on Amazon Music 2016). It’s very uplifting and positive and also covers a lot of emotional ground. Do you have a favorite song on the album and why?

Lisa: All of the different songs cover different facets of life, either values or issues that I think we all deal with.  One that I’ve been going to a lot is “Say Hello,” which is really about acknowledging that other people are around.  It doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends with them, but even just seeing them and nodding or giving a little wave or a smile.  Acknowledgment goes a long way in connecting us all.  And can even create your own private space. There is a lot in the album about respect for each other and for embracing the small moments in life.


Suzi: How do you juggle your work/home life, and whom do you count on the most for help?

Lisa: I count on a handful of people.  My manager Janet’s calendar is linked with mine.  My family is the priority so things have to fall around that. Touring is booked around important events happening at school, and in my family’s life. My husband is very helpful with the kids.  I also have my in-laws and my parents who are super-helpful as well as a great babysitter who is organized and quick to learn. I’ve been really lucky to build up a lot of trustworthy relationships.


Suzi: What are you most looking forward to about playing the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn and with collaborating with the Knights?

Lisa: There’s real energy about playing in the park… like that “bubbly” feeling that something is going to happen. I’ve been able to harness and surf the waves of people and energy. The Knights and I are doing 4 songs together. These songs have never been arranged for strings before and some of them haven’t even been performed before… I’m really looking forward to it.


Suzi: Do you have any other exciting Lisa Loeb projects in the future that we can look forward to?

Lisa: I’m working on a new album called “Lullaby Girl” with Amazon that will be out later this year.  It’s supposed to be for kids, but it’s feeling more like it’s for adults… I also have an animated kids show coming out later as well “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” My music videos for “Feel What U Feel” will debut on Amazon later this summer. And I have my line of eye wear for girls and women available at Costco and selected independent optical shops.  Those are some of the things. And of course, I'm proud of my crossword puzzle that I collaborated on with Doug Peterson for The New York Times. It ran on June 6. That was a real milestone for me.


Lisa’s concert is at The Prospect Park Bandshell at 3pm. Doors open at 2pm for the June 17th concert with Lisa Loeb and The Knights. Park Slope Parents is a proud media sponsor for this concert and will be there with bubbles, arts and crafts and more. For more on Lisa Loeb, please visit