Nanny Goodbye Gifts (including final compensation and pay)

Parting is such sweet sorrow... Looking for a special gift idea to give to your nanny when saying goodbye?  Here are some member suggestions.



A spa gift certificate

- Gift certificate to a local restaurant

- Gift certificate to a local store or a boutique or shop in the hood that would be a taste match?

- Amazon gift certificate (if you know she shops and goes online) 

- A card with a gift card for Barnes and Noble or a Community Bookseller

- Cash, card and a bouquet of flowers.

 - In addition to monetary amount, include a custom gift like a photo book with pictures or something your child has made, like decorated pottery (mugs, plates), photo frames, t shirts

- A photo of the kids and the caregiver in a nice frame.  You can also have one that the kids have as well so they have one as well.

 And here are homemade gift ideas - suggestions from PSP members!


- Usual severance is 2 weeks’ pay after 1 year and an extra week for each year worked after that. So a nanny that worked 2 years would get 3 weeks of pay.



How to end the relationship postively


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