Are you a Gmail User & Wondering Why Members Aren't Replying to Emails?

If you’re a Gmail user and wondering why people haven’t been replying to your emails, well, look no further than the different tabs across the top of your gmail interface...


Google Tabs

The new interface now has Primary, Social and Promotions tabs at a minimum. Some of my emails are going into folks’ social tabs and people don’t know to look there since it just opens into the primary tab. Some of the PSP emails are ALSO going there.


Here are the recent recent changes that Gmail has implemented to its web-mail. Incoming emails now get distributed into different places/tabs:

---PRIMARY (the one open when you login to Gmail)



(some of you may also have a FORUMS tab)

During this change process, emails you would normally receive, such as PSP emails, may now have ended up in your Spam Folder or another tab.


To move and “okay” your PSP Emails from Spam:

- Find a PSP email, right click the email and choose ‘not spam’


To move email to the ‘Primary’ tab:

- Right click on the sender’s name without actually opening the email. (NOTE: If you just drag the message it will just move the one message, not learn that it needs to do all messages)

- Rollover ‘Move to Tab’ and select ‘Primary’

Once you select the classification, a pop-up will appear at the top of your inbox asking you to clarify YES for future messages (or undo). Click YES. (You may have to do this several times for gmail to register your behavior.)

We also suggest to add any PSP group email addresses to your contacts. Read more here.