Packing for College - Master List from a Rising Senior

Packing for college can be a daunting task. Here's a master list of stuff to bring, refined over the past three years by PSP's resident rising college senior!

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Check out the Packing for College Master List HERE.

Instructions: Go to File -> Download (to grab an Excel version) or File -> Make a Copy (to create your own Google Sheet version) so you can customize as necessary with any musical instruments, sports gear, video gaming gear, and more.

Note: There are lots of items that you can jointly bring so there aren't two of things like tea kettles and microwaves (which you can typically rent rather than buy and have to schlep), so talk with roommate(s)/suitemates before you start shopping and packing.

See also: PSP's Resources for the College-Bound Teen includes help for applying, choosing a college, prepping for the first semester, and dealing with the transition.