Middle School Interview Questions

Based on member experiences & online sources, PSP found that typical interview questions include things about the school itself, what are the academic interests of the applicant, how they are involved with the community, what are their aspirations for the future & what interests they cultivate outside of school.

Here are some questions to practice with your child:

Questions about school, in general:

What do you enjoy most about school?
What do you enjoy doing outside of school?
What is your favorite part of the school day?
What is your least favorite part of the school day?
Describe a typical day after school for you.
What is your favorite subject ? What do you like about it?

Questions about the school you are applying to:

Why do you want to go to Middle School here?
What interests you about our curriculum?

Questions about the future:

How would our school help you to achieve your dreams?
What are your goals for the end of the 5th grade school year?
What are your hopes for Middle School?
How do you want people to see you inside the school?
Who would you like to become?

Questions about behavior & personality:

Describe something challenging you've overcome.
What seems challenging to you at school?
How would you handle a problem with a friend?
If you needed special help with a particular subject, how would you get it?
What do you like best/least about working in groups?

Questions about interests & extracurricular interests/activities:

Tell me what you like to do outside of school?
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
What do you read outside of school?
What hobbies do you have?
What do you like to do in your free time?

Questions about academics:

What is your favorite book?  Why is it your favorite?
If you could be any character in a book, who would you be and why?
What is your favorite subject ? What do you like about it?

Questions about civil & community engagement:

Have you ever done community service (for schools that require this)
If so, what did you do, and what did you learn?
What has happened recently in current events that you find interesting?

Other questions:

How would your teacher describe you?

Questions for students applying to performance/visual arts schools might also include:

How long have you been studying voice/instrumental music/dance/drama/art?
Where have you studied?
Which art form do you like the most, and why?
Why did you pick this song/dance/monologue for your audition?
What was special about it for you?
What is your favorite piece of music, painting, sculpture, play, or short story?
If you could meet any famous person in the arts, who would you like to meet, and why?


Interview Etiquette

Remember to discuss important interview etiquette like:

Eye contact
A firm handshake
Polite manners
Fluent responses
good behavior
positive attitude


RATINGS mostly based on



Parent tips:

"Tell your daughter to enjoy the interviews, answer q's as honestly as she can and not to worry if she gets flustered. They're just trying to get an impression of the students, and not to ask them "gotchya" questions. I interviewed 5th grade students for a public school in Manhattan, and you could spot the prepped students immediately (Q: why do you like this school: A: "I noticed the artwork on the wall reflected the school value's such as caring for everyone in the community each other which is very important to me." REALLY?!!! I was far more likely to believe "a friend's sister goes here and really loved her ELA class and I've always liked book clubs in class" or "I want to sing and I think a double period will be a good break after thinking so much in my other classes" or "I know it sounds dumb, but I want to go out to lunch w my friends." Not a great answer on a job interview, but this is FIFTH GRADE and honesty counts. The lunch q can lead to a follow-up on how to handle social interactions, why a kid thinks it's important to go outside, all sorts of things. . .  Lastly, the interviews are only a piece of the confusing puzzle so really, don't stress!  Good luck to all the 5th graders and their parents!!"



Some of these questions were gathered from the PSP Tweens Group & member experiences
Other questions were pulled from an Inside School post here
& a few questions were adapted from an About.com article here