Ready to Apply to High School?

Joyce Szuflita, our own "Brooklyn School Lady" has important new information about starting the application process to High School.

Q. Dear Brooklyn School Lady,


When do the high school directories come out? -7th grade mom

A. The directories are winging their way to local schools and enrollment offices and should be there any day now. The directories should be out before school ends. I have been told they are being redesigned - can't wait! If you can't wait you can access last year's very fine publications here.


The online directory is searchable by borough, program interest, selection method, special services and zip code. The Specialized HS booklet has two complete practice tests included.


The admission calendar dates for next year are here.


The DOE's High School Summer Workshop calendar is posted here.


Many of these evenings might be interesting for you, but my favorite is the one on screened and audition programs being held at Brooklyn Tech HS on Wed. 7/14 at 6:30. In past years they have had a panel of arts specialists who have given invaluable advice about how to prepare for the portfolio, music or drama auditions. This very practical, very specific, superb advice from each discipline covers things like, what to present, how to present it and what else to expect on the day of the audition.


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