MORE First Foods

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In addition to the standard parade of fruits and vegetables, consider the following ideas.  Keep in mind that foods like olive oil are healthy and add flavor.

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  • Red lentils cooked in chicken broth with a vegetable puree added at the end.
  • Pastina with pureed vegetables folded in and olive oil for flavor.
  • Ground lamb cooked with salt and pepper, drained of excess fat, then pureed in the food processor.  Lamb is hypo-allergenic and, interestingly, in Italy pediatricians recommend that a child’s first food be ground lamb mixed with parmesan cheese (calcium) and olive oil (vitamin E, healing fats).  In fact, parmesan cheese is a great source of calcium.  Grate it over pasta or even pureed vegetables.
  • Mild fish filets like flounder, fluke, or orange roughy poached in apple juice or orange juice. 
  • Cottage cheese
  • Yogurt with wheat germ added for texture.
  • Mashed potatoes with an egg yolk mixed in.  But don’t worry:  the heat from the boiled mashed potatoes will thoroughly cook the yolk.  Use the mashed potatoes as a base to introduce other flavors or textures (such as chicken, fish, meat, or vegetables).
  • Guacamole (without chili peppers, of course).
  • Add creamed spinach to any of these pureed/mashed foods.  It’s delicious and provides a great way to get your child used to the taste.