Help For An Old Friend

A gaping wound and limb fallen from a great tree near 3rd Street

The mangled cars and trees are finally starting to disappear from the streets around the Slope. For most of us, life is falling back into its familiar rhythm but some scars will not heal so easily.

Prospect Park was very badly hit by the tornado. According to the Prospect Park Alliance, at least 120 large trees have been destroyed, or so dangerously compromised that they will have to be taken down, this on top of the significant damage caused by high winds last March.

You can see the storm damage here.

Though the final assessments are still coming in it looks like the costs for clean up and repair will be substantial. Right now the estimate stands at $150,000 and the work will take months to complete.

You can help restore our beautiful, battered park by making a contribution by clicking here or ringing 718-965-6929. Prospect Park gives so much to Brooklyn. Let’s help restore our emerald oasis for generations to come.

Nancy McDermott