18TH Anniversary of 9/11


It's the weekend before 9/11 and I always feel the need to say something prophetic, wise or compassionate about the anniversary. My daughter was due on 9/12/01 so I spent much of my time that Tuesday trying to figure out what I was going to do to get to the birthing center (or another hospital) to give birth. When I went into labor and to the hospital two days later (by car, subway, and police SUV) her eventual birth was a mixed bag of emotions- sadness, joy, and fear. It seems impossible that it's almost 10 years later.


Here are a list of events in Brooklyn.


There are also some other events and things to think about (thanks to Ellen from About.com for sending)


1. 7 Ways to Mark September 11 Anniversary with Children in Brooklyn


2. How to Talk to Kids about September 11: Book Tips for Parents of Young Children


<<If you know of other events, please send them on.>>


Many people were acting in 'survival mode' and some never fully processed the emotions surrounding 9-11. Your brain may be saying "it's been 10 years I should be over it," while your emotions may be saying something different. If you feel like you are still dealing with the trauma in a way that feels overwhelming and incapacitating, consider counseling (we've got a list of great ones on the PSP website).


9-11 was also a day I realized the strength of New Yorkers. We live in a great city, we are survivors, and we are wonderful neighbors.


Susan Fox

(mom to Samantha, 9/14/01 and Sabrina)

Founder, Park Slope Parents