How To Change Emails to Daily Digest in your Specialty Group / Club Express

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Want to switch to Daily Digest for your Baby Group or other Specialty Group?  You can easily do this in four quick steps!



You have two options as to how messages are sent to you from your baby group: immediate or daily digest. The default is set to immediate. If you want to change to daily digest, here's how:


1. Go HERE and log in.


log in

2. Go to PROFILE (top left corner)

It will bring up your Membership Profile.  




3. Click on Forum Memberships.


forum memberships


4. You’ll see a list of groups that you’ll be able to EDIT (to change email preferences) or LEAVE.


edit forums 2


5. CLICK Edit for the group you want the digest for and under Message Delivery you can change the Frequency to DAILY. (You can also choose to just read the messages online but you’ll miss all the fun of emails!)


message delivery