What are the 7th Ave Stores and Businesses you LOVE?

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PSP members recently shared their favorite local businesses to the Advice List.

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Here are PSP member favorite local spots:



Ansonia Chemist

“Lest we forget Ansonia Pharmacy between 10th and 11th Streets.They have been part of the neighborhood for 33 years!”


Bagel Delight

“Bagel Delight for breakfast/lunch.”


Bagel Hole

"Bagel Hole! It is so weird and it is kind of the only true bagel place to us at this point."


Bagel Market

"Bagel Market -- tasty egg sandwiches, bagels and deli offerings. They are also excellent for catering: sandwiches and fruit salads, etc."



"Bahnmigos (around the corner from 7th) -- a small takeout space for amazing Vietnamese bahn mi and salads and a wide selection of boba teas."


The Bad Wife

"The Bad Wife, with its super sweet staff and excellent selection of semi-arcane foreign food items.  They can almost always hook me up with Asian ingredients, and their satsumas are consistently the best in the S. Slope."

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Big Nose Full Body

“Big Nose Full Body for wine.”



BrookVin! Which ps my NP at a certain popular local OBGYN co-owns (this is true, did you guys know this??) More PSP reviews about BrookVin>


Brooke’s Appliances

“I can also scarcely believe Brooke's Appliances (with the giant "Vacuums" and "Sewing Machines" on the sign) still exists, near 12th Street. They sell replacement parts and do repairs, in addition to stocking new products. It's like a throwback from another time.”

 “Ditto for Brooke’s Appliances, where in my experience they go the extra mile to get your business. I am much happier buying a Miele from them, knowing that a) they deliver it b) give me an extra year warranty at no charge and c) I’m supporting a local business. More PSP reviews about Brooke’s Appliance>


Buttermilk Bakeshop

“We love Buttermilk for tasty treats.”


Cafe Grumpy


The Clay Pot

“I always enjoy poking around The Clay Pot, too.”


Couleur Cafe

“Couleur Cafe, my go-to office when I need to get away from the distractions of home.  So nice, lovely tartines, cafe au lait in bowls, charming owner who always shakes hands and makes sure I am satisfied, never any attitude about working for hours on a single cup of tea.”

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Community Bookstore

COMMUNITY BOOKSTORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turtles, books, please let's not lose this store....


Da Nonna

“DaNonna is only place I go for pizza anymore unless its a slice at Pino's (bet 1st and 2nd).”

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The End Is Near

“The End Is Near! Even as #parkslope as this place gets this pretty hard core shop remains and I get piercing stuff there and presumably will get my child's ears pierced there someday bc it is good to do this as an actual piercing place, imho.



“I love the Greek restaurant Faros -- delicious food, warm service and wonderful with kids, great for a large family dinner or brunch -- though sadly I see the building and the restaurant space are listed for sale. So go now while it's still there.”

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“damn good margaritas with specialty salt that is yummy.”

“Fonda! Truly amazing food.”

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Food Train

“Food Train for emergency grocery needs (e.g. it's Sunday morning, pancakes are almost ready, and we need syrup!)

“Food Train for those last minute grocery items- Food train has nice fresh flowers as well.”



“Gather! I know it is kind of expensive but it is healthy and delicious in some kind of amazing secret ingredient way.”

“Gather for great scones/muffins/biscuits.”


Gear to Go

“Gear to Go is moving from its nook on Garfield to the larger corner spot on 7th at Garfield.  Everybody get out there and rent a tent for Memorial Day weekend!”

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Goldy + Mac

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“Grumpy! I am a little sorry they opened across Naidres but their staff is really lovely and coffee is delicious.”



Istanbul park

“I like Istanbul park for takeout.”



“Jack rabbit is the only reason to go to a named street for me.”


Kiku Sushi

"Kiku Sushi (but for us only the take-out one one 16th will do)."

“Kiku (both of them).”



Little Purity Diner

“Little Purity diner, where it seems we go at least once a week, and where my daughter once asked Mayor de Blasio if he'd seen that his (unflattering) photo was on the front page of the NY Post.”


Little Things

“Little Things for birthday gifts and special toys.”


Lion in the Sun


Leonola Salon

“Leonola Salon for both adult & kids cuts.”

“Leonola - my go to for my son's hair cuts.”


Mandala Tibetan

Mandala Tibetan!  Love their cute, exotic clothes and jewelry.


Mr. Falafel

“I also try to frequent Mr. Falafel, near 4th, and Naidre's, near 12th, for fear they will one day close. They're just solid, all-around-good neighborhood places.”


Music Matters

“I cast my vote for Music Matters (7th between 13th and 14th). It seems hard to believe that there is an independent record store on our neighborhood, but it’s a very good resource if you want to pick up a new release on vinyl locally. They also have a couple of crates of used LPs that usually yield a couple of gems, priced fairly and in good condition.”



“Naidres! Extra points for letting me use their bathroom once when I vomited morning sick outside their store and were super nice about it.” Read more PSP member reviews about Naidres >

naidresimage via Naidres' website

Olive Vine

Similarly, Olive Vine is delicious and welcoming, in a hidden little space that always has room for kids and strollers. There's also a lovely backyard to eat in when it's warm. It's sort of like going to Cheers....you can always have a pleasant conversation with Jon or Dennis and leave with a smile!


The Painted Pot

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Papi's Grill

“As you may have noticed, last week Papi's Grill  on 7th Ave. was closed for almost a week for emergency repairs. It turns out there was a problem with the gas elsewhere in the building so it was shut off by the city, and the restaurant wasn't able to open. If you haven't tried it, the food at Papi's is fantastic, and the people who run it are incredibly nice. They lost a good chunk of the month's income while closed, and rents on 7th Ave aren't getting any cheaper. So if you're around this weekend, consider getting some tacos, fantastic huevos rancheros with chorizo, or soupy black beans, and help keep this family-run business open.”

“I second Papi's! Was just there today for lunch. Fresh, yummy, and yes, they're quite nice!”


Pizza Plus

“Pizza Plus—7th Ave between 10th and 11th. The patio is open and Roz is always nice to my kids and I. I feel like it’s a bit of old-time Brooklyn.”


Park Slope Seafood

 “Park Slope Seafood (though I preferred the other fishmonger that used to be a block away and recently moved to 5th Ave.)  But fantastic fresh fish.”


The Ploughman


Pomona Beauty Sanctuary

“Pomona Beauty Sanctuary, whimsically-decorated little salon with lovely Laurie Hefner giving reasonably-priced hair treatments--low key, welcoming to all, excellent service, and Laurie is also lovely with kids.”


Roma Pizza

Roma Pizza -- been serving the neighborhood for generations. For my money, the best New York slice in the area. Also notable for their constantly changing front window paintings.



“Russo's for the best mozzarella cheese in NYC, plus great fresh pasta.”


Sante Fe

“Santa Fe is reliably good Mexican - try the fish tacos that are almost always one of the specials (at least Friday nights...)”



“I may have missed it, but I don't think anyone has mentioned Scalino on 7th ave and 10th street.  Wonderful fresh pasta, lovely owners and very family friendly.  They also have a nice lunch special.”

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Seventh Avenue Copy and Office Supplies

“I always breathe a sigh of relief when I walk into the office and copy supply store near Smileys pizza. Whether you need shipping supplies, duct tape, gift wrap, or other odds and ends, it's got them, all in one place and for a reasonable price.”


Slope Cellars

They are just wonderful, so knowledgeable, friendly, community-minded, and with such a wonderfully curated selection of (many organic/local) wines and spirits.


Smiling Pizza

“smiling for a slice”


Sotto Voce

“Was going to add that I was back to Sotto Voce (corner of 4th st I think) for first time in a while and it's been there forever but is just good neighborhood Italian.


Sports Prospect


Tarzian West

“tarzanian hardware unmatched in area if you can't make it to lowes.”



“Talde for dinner.”


Ten sushi


Thistle Hill


Union Market