Where to buy a Christmas Tree?

 Where to buy your Christmas tree in Park Slope. Did Foley’s Firs hold up? Did the expensive guy in front of CVS have trees that were perfect? Here are what PSP members say about their Christmas trees.




Greg's Trees (7th Ave & 19th St)

"I got a Christmas tree from Greg’s Trees on 19th St @ 7th Ave. We had it delivered and set up including stand. We went and picked out our tree in person but you can also order online. Great selection of beautiful trees (4 varieties) and they have wreathes, lights, ornaments, etc. Super friendly and helpful staff." (12/2020)


Adam Parke / Windswept Farms

"Adam Parke organic Vermont holiday trees are coming back this season starting Saturday, November 28! I can't recommend these trees enough. I bought one last year and it actually had sap and pinecones on it AND lasted past Christmas. It was so reasonably priced I accidentally bought one a little too big for my small apartment.

They'll be back to every location except Berg'n." (12/2020)

Berkeley between 6th and 7th

"We got our tree from the Vermont tree people the Saturday after thanksgiving (I think on Berkeley between 7th and 6th—-though they are the same trees in south slope etc) and it is still going strong!" (12/2021)

"We also got our tree from the Vermont tree people between 7th and 6th ave, and I think Berkeley. We got it the week after Thanksgiving and it is still in great shape. We got an 8 foot tree for $130, definitely one of the better deals we saw in the neighborhood. Barely any needles have fallen off and it's still perky! I would highly recommend them and will go back next year for sure." (12/2021)

7th and 7th

"We got ours at the church on 7th ave & 7th st. I think it's the same Vermont trees sold in a few other locations. It's 8ft and cost i think $130 and its still looks great--barely dropped any needles and still standing strong. i kind of feel bad chipping it this weekend because it would probably last a few more weeks. It's been one of my favorite trees ever and the folks at the stand were super nice so it was a really pleasant buying experience. We plan to go back next year." (12/2021)

Sterling and 6th Ave

"Our tree was (is) great! Looked great, smells great, stayed flexible and didn't lose all its needles over a month in the stand. We have been getting ours at the Windswept Farms stand for several years now - they used to be next to the food coop but moved to Sterling and 6th ave this year. Their trees are always really nice looking, very fresh - and they are more transparent about the growing practices they use than most of the other spots in the neighborhood. Good maple syrup too! Not cheap - I think it was $70 for a 7' tree. But if you think about the years of labor, water, and transport involved, it doesn't seem so crazy to me. Here's the tree farm's website: http://www.adamparketrees.com/index.htm (12/2019)"


Windsor Place by St. Mary's ballfield in Windsor Terrace

"Another great tree from the Vermont seller by St Mary’s ballfield down the block from Farrell’s. I took it down the 26th and barely a needle fell off." (12/2021)


J&L Landscaping (Caton Ave & E 7th St)

"J and L Landscaping on Caton and East 7th. They are great!" (12/2020)

"J & L Landscaping on Caton Ave & E 7th has been our go-to place for a Christmas tree for over a decade now. They have a nice selection (of wreaths and boughs, too) and the staff is super helpful. They always point us in the direction of the freshest trees since we go early in the season :)" (12/2020)

"I've bought from Foley several times in the past, we knew him from scouting and he does the $10 kickback to several area schools (we did it for MS88). More recently I've bought from Shannon because it's the closest. They tend not to have a wide range of sizes closer to Christmas, so I'd try to go early. I think last year we got ours from J&L because Shannon was out of smaller ones, and it lasted fine." (12/2020)


Union Street (next to the Co-Op btw 6th & 7th Ave)

"We bought ours on Union Street next to the Food Coop. I think they are Vermont Trees. I believe they also sell on 7th Ave & 7th Street. We got ours 3 weeks before Christmas and it’s still fine. This is the 2nd year we bought our tree from them and have been happy so far." (12/2018)

“We got a great tree from the folks on Union St next to the Coop. It was from VT and super fresh. We bought it the first weekend in Dec and it's just starting to shed (and we were away for 5 days!). It was $90 for a 9 ft tree, which feels a bit pricey, but it's beautiful and has held up so well. (Pre-2018)

"We’ve always had great luck with the folks right outside the park slope coop. I don’t think they donate, but we’ve always gotten beautiful trees from them that have held up well." (Pre-2018)


Old First Nursery sale (7th Ave btw Carroll & President St)

We had a very positive experience w tree purchased from Old First. We got it the first weekend in December and it’s held up wonderfully. Not a strong scent (we were told that and chose), perfect shape. Willing to pay a premium again (thought it was a little expensive) and we will go back! (12/2018)

"We got our tree at Old First, as we have done on occasion in prior years, and much later than usual—around the 15th. We were disappointed that it did not drink much water and faded quickly, though we figured it was our fault as we were in a rush and did not ask them to recut the trunk this year. We had to get a smaller one too as they did not have many big ones. My husband read something saying that during the financial crisis of 08 fewer trees were planted so the crop this year is affected. 

Anyway Merry Christmas! I’m now looking forward to getting all these needles out of here." (12/2018)

"We always buy ours for $20 on the last Sunday before xmas at the Old First Nursery sale on 7th ave.” (Pre-2018=)

"Another place we liked that we used to go before starting PS321, was the Christmas tree sale by the parents of who run the coop preschool at Carroll St & 7th Ave, where the money went to benefit the preschool." (Pre-2018)

"All proceeds go to benefit the school (a 501(c)(3)).  It's a big sale with several types of beautiful, fresh trees, sizes ranging from table-tops to 12' Balsams, wreaths, garlands, stands, etc.  The sale is open Saturdays (10-7) and Sundays (10:30 - 7) and is staffed by parents of current students." (Pre-2018)

"We get our tree every year from the sale in the alley of the Old First Reformed Church on 7th Avenue near Carroll Street.  All proceeds benefit the Old First Nursery School and the sale is staffed by the parents.  There is a nice selection of trees, wreaths and garlands." (Pre-2018)

"I like the trees outside the coop - there was just one year that we maybe got a dud and it dried out very quickly. The one we got last year from them was great." (Pre-2018)


Grand Army Plaza Market

"Another place we've gone in the past is the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. The trees, which I think come from upstate NY, have always been super-fresh. They are limited by what they have brought down for the day, so it makes sense to go early for the best selection." (Pre-2018)


Shannon Florist and Nursery (off Ft. Hamilton Pkwy)

"Just purchased a beautiful 6' tree at Shannon's for $75. They did a very nice job prepping it. Great selection!" (12/2020)

"Still in great shape (even though I have been neglecting to water it at this point). Purchased at Shanon Florist and Nursery. I think it was $55-65 for a 4-5 ft tree? Shanon is great for xmas trees and also pumpkin picking!  (12/2019)"

"We bought our tree at Shannon's nursery on Dec. 15th.  It was beautiful and still has the needles going strong on Jan. 2nd.  While they are not giving them away,  they are much less than the guys on 9th street in front of CVS for the same size.  I didn't do a lot of price comparison.  This is our second year buying at Shannon's with good results.  Their wreaths and other greenery  are good too.  You need a car to transport unless you live nearby in Kensington." (12/2018) 

"We found one of our best trees ever last year sort of late in the season at Shannon's Nursery.  While it isn't a non-profit, at least it is a local business! 
*Note, Shannon's Florist is a PSP Perks Provider and offers PSP members 5% off all products. More information here >  (Pre-2018)


Green-Wood Park (7th Ave & 19th St)

"There is a nice selection in front of Greenwood Park (the bar). I think they are from Vermont. They carry Fraiser Fir which are our favorite." (12/2020)

"We purchased our Christmas tree on Dec 9th at 19th St and 7th Avenue. $90 for a 6-foot Silver! It still looks and smells great though." (12/2018)


Home Depot (off the Gowanus Expwy)

"I know this isn't supportive of small businesses, but we have luck at Home Depot. Affordable and good quality. Not sure about delivery, but they are always willing to help get the tree wrapped on our car." (12/2020)

"We got our beautiful 8 foot Frasier Fur for $70 at Home Depot who trimmed the tree to our liking and cut off the bottom. Such great value and our tree was super healthy until we threw it out on the curb on 12/31. (12/2019)"

"We had good luck one year at Home Depot."


Lowes, (2nd Ave & 12th St)

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE our tree from Lowe's that we got the first week of December.  I think it's a Douglas fir, a little over 6 feet tall, and it was $35.   Before we had a car, we once walked home with a much inferior tree that we bought for $90!!  I know people hate the big box stores (with reason) but I can't believe the price gouging that goes on at the neighborhood places when compared to the big stores (at least the stands that I've been to). “ (Pre-2018)


Our Lady's Field of Holy Name (16th Street off PPW)

"16 St just off Prospect Park West, our regular guy from Vermont is selling Christmas trees of all types (including Frazier and Balsam) and sizes (tiny to huge) — as well as maple syrup and honey.
He’s got a tent at the back of Our Lady Field." (12/2020)

"We've bought our trees for the past four or five years at Our Lady's Field in Windsor Terrace. Windsor Place between 9th and 10th Avenue. The man who runs it is really nice, the trees are high quality, and the prices seem fair ($110 this year for a 7 or 8 foot tree)." (12/2020)

"For the past several years, I get our gorgeous 9-foot tree from the guy (Steve?) on 16 St off PPW, in the entrance to the greenspace. Our Lady's Field of Holy Name. He comes down from Vermont with a wide choice of organic trees -- Balsam, Fraser, Douglas, etc -- grown in the Northeast Kingdom (perhaps the only kingdom in the U.S. other than Disneyland). I bought a gorgeous hybrid Balsam/Fraser on Thursday Dec 13; a fresh load of trees was en route to arrive that night. It's now Jan 2 and my tree is still happily drinking up water. It will definitely last to Jan 5 when I take it down."


Whole Foods, (3rd Ave & 3rd St)

"We got them from Whole Foods when we lived over in Gowanus and they were good quality and pretty inexpensive (when bought on Black Friday at least) but when we went this year they weren't doing fresh cuts on the bottom so we passed. I feel like that would be a recipe for drying up quickly." (12/2020)

"We got our tree at Whole Foods. They didn’t cut off the end and so I had to buy a saw to cut the end. Also it immediately dried out. It really has no right to still be up. Thanks for asking. I hoping to find the perfect tree next year!" (12/2018)

"We bought our tree for the second year in a row from Whole Foods. They're well-priced (well, at least compared to the CVS guy!) -- at about $50 or $60 for an 8-foot tree. They're friendly there and help you load it on top of your car, and will cut the bottom off. I'm not sure if they deliver. And both years the tree has looked really great and held up beautifully throughout the season. Last year, we bought it on Black Friday and got a good deal. I can't remember exactly what it cost then though!" (Pre-2018)


Foley Firs (8th Ave btw 7th & 8th St)

"We always go to Foley Firs because they donate $10 towards the public school of your choice in the neighborhood! Its a little pricey but the trees are fantastic and they do delivery." (12/2021)

"I got a lot of recommendations for Foley's Firs. I can't remember having a tree so fresh. I got it mid-December and am only taking it down today. It still has the pine scent and hardly any needles on the floor. They were pricey, especially compared to where we used to get our trees when we had a car, Brooklyn Terminal Market. But I decided the annual splurge is worth it." (12/2021)

"I've bought from Foley several times in the past, we knew him from scouting and he does the $10 kickback to several area schools (we did it for MS88). More recently I've bought from Shannon because it's the closest. They tend not to have a wide range of sizes closer to Christmas, so I'd try to go early. I think last year we got ours from J&L because Shannon was out of smaller ones, and it lasted fine." (12/2020)

"We get ours each year from Foley Firs on 8th Avenue b/w 7th and 8th. We’re typically very happy with the quality but got a dud this year as the tree stopped taking water and was dry two days after bringing it home! Prices have also crept up to the absurd - $80 for 6.5 foot where the last six inches were really just a long angel topper branch that needed to be trimmed. This might be the last year we shop local as this is a $40 tree at Home Depot." (12/2018)

"We also got ours at Foley Firs, got a Cook fir and it was very fragrant and full.  I also dislike how you get charged for a bare 6 inches at the top most of the time, but managed to pick a tree where this year where that wasn’t the case.  We got it a little on the early slide, December 1, it was doing great for about 2.5 weeks then slowly dried up but still ok for Christmas. I was told they all get cut at the same time so getting it later doesn’t help it last longer." (12/2018)

"Should have listened to my gut. Got our tree December 9th or so and by December 20th or so it had started to stop drinking water. By December 29th it was brittle. We've had iffy trees from there before but was lured by the "$10 to my kids school."  (12/2018)


More Foley Firs Reviews from Pre-2018...

“Our tree from Foley Firs held up great with very little loss of needles after 3 weeks. Best part about them is donating to the schools' PTAs. In previous years we drive out to tree farms to cut our own tree but no time to do that this year. We might just stick with Foley from now on.”

“I got my large tree from the guys on 8th ave and 8th street. I wasn't impressed this year. There was limited selection for large trees (over 10 feet) and the tree was dried up after 2.5 weeks. Quality was quite lackluster and not cheap.”

“I've been hit or miss with the 8th and 8th guys too.  A few years ago-- brittle within two weeks.  This year, same place, much better…”

"I hear about this place every year and I have to say that their trees are (at least) $10 more expensive and they give that to the schools. Why not just give the money directly to the school?"

"We went to Foley's for the first time this year since our daughter is now in Kindergarten and a portion of the proceeds are supposed to go to her school. (Am hoping they did! The guy who sold us the tree didn't instill a lot of confidence.) Anyway, the tree is fine. Still smells really good a few days after Christmas, and it isn't losing too many needles yet. It's a little skimpy compared to the ones we'd been getting the last few years from the farmers market at Grand Army Plaza. There are tons of super-thin branches that sag under the weight of the ornaments. That said, it IS able to hold upwards of 200 ornaments. Foley charged $12/foot. We paid $80 for our 6+ foot tree, which was slightly cheaper than our GAP trees of previous years. Overall, it's a decent tree. Would only go back, though, if I knew for sure my kid's school received some of the proceeds. I was disappointed with the tree-buying experience (wasn't shown many options, workers seemed disgruntled), but the tree itself is fine."

“We got our from the Pta fundraiser on 8th ave and 7th street. We are very happy with the quality (it is still fresh) and the delivery and set up at home. We will go there again next year.”

“We bought one at the 8th ave/8th street multiple PTA sale. It was a little more money but at that late date it was one price for any size tree (!) so we got the biggest nicest one we've ever had, and they even delivered it to us the next morning at no charge. (It was pouring rain when we bought it.)”

"I have not checked the price for the people who sells trees on 8th St & 8th Ave, but they are great working with us on delivery time, there were minimal pine needles on the hallway & floors during delivery (unlike when we tried to carry the tree into the apt), and the set up by the tree farm person (forgot the young man's name) was literally five minutes, and the tree stayed put and well balanced until it was time to bring it to mulch fest!  It was amazing, saved us so much time trying to balance the tree then screw it into place!  Of course we also liked that they donated money to the schools."

"We've gotten trees the past couple of years at Foley Firs. For a 7-8 foot tree, it was about $100 (kind of expensive). Each tree had a gap somewhere that was not noticeable directly after they cut the rope around tree binding the branches. Yes, they say they donate $10 to schools, but I was not impressed with the quality and was actually looking for an alternative this year." (Pre-2018 Review)


Brooklyn Christmas Tree

"I had the BEST Christmas tree experience of my life this year. I live in a fourth-floor walkup and am a single mom, so I was dreading the haul.

Brooklyn Christmas Trees dropped a beauty off, set it up in the stand, and then came and collected it and swept up. It was $200 all in, which I have to say, given the quality of the tree and not having to schlep it was the BEST. They bring the trees to be mulched. It's a small, independent business, and I was happy to support them (no affiliation!). Brilliant." (12/2021)


Chelsea Garden Center

"We just had a tree delivered from Chelsea Garden Ctr and I'm happy with the product and service. It's a beautiful tree! They set it up and swept fallen needles. I've had a few things delivered by them this year and the service is excellent." (Pre-2018)


Cortelyou and Marlborough

"We got ours at the corner of cortelyou and marlborough, it's nice and still holding up well (yes yes, we'll take it down any day now...). it was $80! i think last year it was $60 for the same size (6'?)... if it goes up again next year we'll go plastic unless we can find a deal (maybe we should wait for the trees to get dumped in prospect park lol) (12/2019)"


In Front of CVS (9th St btw 5th & 6th Ave)

"We got ours last week from the pop-up outside of CVS in Park Slope. So far it seems like a really high quality tree, but phew it was outrageously expensive. I don't know how much exactly, but I bought a wreath for the door, a small 3' tree for the kids' room, and a 6-7' tree for the living room and it was over $250. Definitely should have asked for some prices up front. Lesson learned! I will say that we had great service and they were super friendly to the kids, really crossing my fingers it holds up until after Christmas!" (12/2020)

"We got our tree from the Canadians who sold their trees in front of CVS on 9th street (close to 5th Avenue). The tree was beautiful, fresh and tall. We paid $130, and it was worth every penny. It is still holding on pretty well and barely losing any needles. We are planning to recycle it this weekend. It has been one of the best ones we purchased so I can highly recommend the place and the people who sold it to us. Very helpful and friendly. Hope this helps. (12/2019)"


In Front of Key Foods (7th Ave & Carroll St)

"We bought our tree outside key foods on 5th ave from the qubec vendor. It was between 6-7 feet and we paid 90usd the weekend of 7 december after a small discount as the vendor loved that my husband lived in montreal did years and shared his love for qubec skiing. Think it would have been 100 without. Anyhow and all to say that we took the tree out yesterday and it was only a little shedding. Excellent tree with nice shape and smell all christmas. (12/2019)"


Lazy Susan Tree Farm (Robbinsville, NJ)

"My parents got our tree, which they kindly delivered to PS today from this place. they said they wanted to take the kids next year, it looks like fun and family friendly. its a straight shot down the turnpike to around exit 7a." (12/2021)


Tarzian Hardware

"We bought our 6ish' tree from Tarzan. It was $115 and still going strong. It's definitely dried out by now but looks perfect/hardly any needles on the floor, and smells nice." (12/2021)


Maple Row Farm (Easton, CT)

"We have cut down our tree at maple row tree farm in Easton CT for a few years. It’s a hike, but they allow dogs and also tolerate tailgating in a few of their parking lots." (12/2021)


Orangetown Fire Company #1 (South Nyack, NY)

"We go up to Nyack and get our tree from there every year. The volunteer fire station sells them and they are excellent quality and value. We got a huge 9 foot tree for $80. We have had ours for 4-5 weeks though I am sure they would last longer I just can’t bear to have it after January 1st. We have been doing this for 10+ years. We make it an excursion and it helps that we have good friends who live there. I realize not the most convenient or cheap overall when adding in the travel costs but very happy with the tree every time." (12/2021)


Cut Your Own


Fox Ridge Christmas Tree Farm 

"Great tree. Cut your own. Originally 10+ ft cut to 8.5 $25. Great find don’t tell anyone." (12/2018)


Bell's Christmas Tree Farm

"We drove the 2.5 hrs to Accord, NY with our newborn to fetch a tree at Bell's Christmas Tree Farm (a yearly tradition for us) and we were delighted with the quality and experience. The trees are $50 flat rate no matter what size and we got a Fralsam fir, which is a combo of Fraser (our usual fave) and Balsam. Almost no shedding, gorgeous bluish tone, and in great shape. We could probably keep it for another month if we weren't giving up so much real estate in our tiny apartment. Highly recommend! We will be back next year. (12/2019)"