Where to buy a Christmas Tree?

 Where to buy your Christmas tree in Park Slope. Did Foley’s Firs hold up? Did the expensive guy in front of CVS have trees that were perfect? Here are what PSP members say about their Christmas trees.



Home Depot

"We had good luck one year at Home Depot."


Lowes, 118 2nd Ave, Brooklyn 11215

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE our tree from Lowe's that we got the first week of December.  I think it's a Douglas fir, a little over 6 feet tall, and it was $35.   Before we had a car, we once walked home with a much inferior tree that we bought for $90!!  I know people hate the big box stores (with reason) but I can't believe the price gouging that goes on at the neighborhood places when compared to the big stores (at least the stands that I've been to). “


Old First Nursery sale, 7th Ave

"We always buy ours for $20 on the last Sunday before xmas at the Old First Nursery sale on 7th ave.”

"Another place we liked that we used to go before starting PS321, was the Christmas tree sale by the parents of who run the coop preschool at Carroll St & 7th Ave, where the money went to benefit the preschool."

"All proceeds go to benefit the school (a 501(c)(3)).  It's a big sale with several types of beautiful, fresh trees, sizes ranging from table-tops to 12' Balsams, wreaths, garlands, stands, etc.  The sale is open Saturdays (10-7) and Sundays (10:30 - 7) and is staffed by parents of current students."

"We get our tree every year from the sale in the alley of the Old First Reformed Church on 7th Avenue near Carroll Street.  All proceeds benefit the Old First Nursery School and the sale is staffed by the parents.  There is a nice selection of trees, wreaths and garlands."

"I like the trees outside the coop - there was just one year that we maybe got a dud and it dried out very quickly. The one we got last year from them was great."


Grand Army Plaza Market

"Another place we've gone in the past is the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. The trees, which I think come from upstate NY, have always been super-fresh. They are limited by what they have brought down for the day, so it makes sense to go early for the best selection."


Shannon's FLorist* on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy

 "We found one of our best trees ever last year sort of late in the season at Shannon's Nursery.  While it isn't a non-profit, at least it is a local business! 
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Foley Firs, website

“Our tree from Foley Firs held up great with very little loss of needles after 3 weeks. Best part about them is donating to the schools' PTAs. In previous years we drive out to tree farms to cut our own tree but no time to do that this year. We might just stick with Foley from now on.”

“I got my large tree from the guys on 8th ave and 8th street. I wasn't impressed this year. There was limited selection for large trees (over 10 feet) and the tree was dried up after 2.5 weeks. Quality was quite lackluster and not cheap.”

“I've been hit or miss with the 8th and 8th guys too.  A few years ago-- brittle within two weeks.  This year, same place, much better…”

"I hear about this place every year and I have to say that their trees are (at least) $10 more expensive and they give that to the schools. Why not just give the money directly to the school?"

"We went to Foley's for the first time this year since our daughter is now in Kindergarten and a portion of the proceeds are supposed to go to her school. (Am hoping they did! The guy who sold us the tree didn't instill a lot of confidence.) Anyway, the tree is fine. Still smells really good a few days after Christmas, and it isn't losing too many needles yet. It's a little skimpy compared to the ones we'd been getting the last few years from the farmers market at Grand Army Plaza. There are tons of super-thin branches that sag under the weight of the ornaments. That said, it IS able to hold upwards of 200 ornaments. Foley charged $12/foot. We paid $80 for our 6+ foot tree, which was slightly cheaper than our GAP trees of previous years. Overall, it's a decent tree. Would only go back, though, if I knew for sure my kid's school received some of the proceeds. I was disappointed with the tree-buying experience (wasn't shown many options, workers seemed disgruntled), but the tree itself is fine."

“We got our from the Pta fundraiser on 8th ave and 7th street. We are very happy with the quality (it is still fresh) and the delivery and set up at home. We will go there again next year.”

“We bought one at the 8th ave/8th street multiple PTA sale. It was a little more money but at that late date it was one price for any size tree (!) so we got the biggest nicest one we've ever had, and they even delivered it to us the next morning at no charge. (It was pouring rain when we bought it.)”

"I have not checked the price for the people who sells trees on 8th St & 8th Ave, but they are great working with us on delivery time, there were minimal pine needles on the hallway & floors during delivery (unlike when we tried to carry the tree into the apt), and the set up by the tree farm person (forgot the young man's name) was literally five minutes, and the tree stayed put and well balanced until it was time to bring it to mulch fest!  It was amazing, saved us so much time trying to balance the tree then screw it into place!  Of course we also liked that they donated money to the schools."

"We've gotten trees the past couple of years at Foley Firs. For a 7-8 foot tree, it was about $100 (kind of expensive). Each tree had a gap somewhere that was not noticeable directly after they cut the rope around tree binding the branches. Yes, they say they donate $10 to schools, but I was not impressed with the quality and was actually looking for an alternative this year."


The Superior Deli on Cortelyou in Ditmas Park


Chelsea Garden Cente

We just had a tree delivered from Chelsea Garden Ctr and I'm happy with the product and service. It's a beautiful tree! They set it up and swept fallen needles. I've had a few things delivered by them this year and the service is excellent.


Union Street, next to the Coop

“We got a great tree from the folks on Union St next to the Coop. It was from VT and super fresh. We bought it the first weekend in Dec and it's just starting to shed (and we were away for 5 days!). It was $90 for a 9 ft tree, which feels a bit pricey, but it's beautiful and has held up so well.

"We’ve always had great luck with the folks right outside the park slope coop. I don’t think they donate, but we’ve always gotten beautiful trees from them that have held up well."


Whole Foods, 214 3rd St, Brooklyn

"We bought our tree for the second year in a row from Whole Foods. They're well-priced (well, at least compared to the CVS guy!) -- at about $50 or $60 for an 8-foot tree. They're friendly there and help you load it on top of your car, and will cut the bottom off. I'm not sure if they deliver. And both years the tree has looked really great and held up beautifully throughout the season. Last year, we bought it on Black Friday and got a good deal. I can't remember exactly what it cost then though!"