Breastfeeding Support Groups

Below are recommendations for support groups and classes related to breastfeeding. Some of these are free, some are drop-in. Please check the websites in advance, as details may change.


La Leche League of Park Slope + Windsor Terrace

Drop-in meetings


Find a La Leche League leader

"All nursing people, little ones, and any person interested in breastfeeding are welcome at all meetings. Please check website on the morning of each meeting to confirm meeting time and location."



Bend and Bloom Yoga  

Weekly lactation support clinic

Thursdays, 1–2:30pm


"Bring your baby and your breastfeeding questions! International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Denise McDonald leads this weekly drop-in Breastfeeding Clinic via Zoom. Connect from the comfort of your home, ask questions, share concerns or celebrate the joys regarding breastfeeding. We will discuss everything from baby’s behavior at the breast, sore nipples, concerns for over supply or low supply, how to manage sleep (or lack there of) and many other wonderful topics surrounding breastfeeding."



Brooklyn Methodist Hospital 

Weekly breastfeeding support group

Tuesdays, 2:30–3:30 pm

"Group meets VIRTUALLY for breastfeeding parents and their babies (up to 3 months old)."


Latched BK Breastfeeding Support Group

Cocoa Grinder, Bay Ridge; check website for dates


"Latched BK is run by Nicole Fusco-Evans, Registered Nurse and Certified Lactation Counselor. Nicole hosts breastfeeding support groups locally in Bay Ridge, along with at home one-on-one consultations."



Breastfeeding and New Parent Support at Parent Craft

Tuesdays, 10–11:30 am

Four classes per session; $150, pay what you can

"A breastfeeding and newborn support group for new mothers, chestfeeding parents and their infants 0-4 months. Guidance by a Certified Lactation Counselor and peer support will be offered in a nurturing environment. Pearls of wisdom will be shared about breastfeeding tips and newborn care, as well as individual attention for your baby and your changing self weekly."



The WILD Nursing Support Clinics

Fridays, 10 am


"In a relaxed setting an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant offers hands on support and accurate information on breastfeeding and related topics. Babies of all ages are welcome!"


Juniper Yoga New Parent Support Group

Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, 2–3:15 pm

Sliding scale ($100, $140, or $175)

"This group will give you the space and time to come together with other new parents to give and receive support. We will explore the emotional and physical changes you are going through as a parent. In addition to having time for open discussion, each meeting will include a special topic."



NYU Langone Virtual Breastfeeding Cafe

Mondays; check website for dates and times


"This virtual group offers new mothers encouragement and feedback on breastfeeding newborns. The format is informal chat and Q & A with a lactation consultant."



Molly's Lactation Counseling Support Group

Check Website for times.

Pay what you can, $0-$15

"For parents, caregivers, little ones, expectant peoples, and anybody curious about lactation. This class provides a space to laugh and share about breastfeeding issues, concerns, and joys, with each other. No issue is too small, big, or weird. We will break it down and reflect on our experiences together. As a Certified Lactation Counselor, and breastfeeding mom, I'll provide some tools and techniques to make things more easeful."



Baby in the Family Breastfeeding *Lime Support Group

Wednesdays, 2–4 pm


"For thousands of years, families have gathered in Circles to catch up (lime) and share a meal, all while breastfeeding their babies. Baby in the Family follows that tradition by simply reinventing and expanding that Circle a bit. Here you will find a free, safe and friendly space to meet other nursing families and get answers about your Breastfeeding and pumping concerns - except exactly how much your baby takes while breastfeeding. Yes, in the old days we used a Baby Scale, nowadays we simply Breastfeeding Lime* to support each other's breastfeeding journey!"



Boober Lactation Support Groups [temporarily on hold as of 1/19/2021]

Wednesdays, 1:45–3:15pm at Awakening Healing Center in Greenpoint

Fridays, 10–11:30am at Premier Pediatrics in Park Slope

$25/session; nobody will be turned away for lack of funds

"Lactation support groups are perfect for:

-Building breastfeeding confidence

-Working through mild to moderate breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, or pumping issues in a group setting

-Follow-up after working with a private lactation consultant

-Meeting and socializing with other new lactating parents

-In a relaxed setting, each week a certified breastfeeding counselor offers hands-on support and accurate information on breastfeeding and related topics. Babies of all ages are welcome."



The Motherhood Center [no breastfeeding clinics currently on offer as of 1/19/2021; check website for updated offerings]



The Parenting Studio Monday Morning Lactation Support Group [temporarily on hold as of 1/19/2021]

Gowanus and BoCoCa and beyond

Mondays, 9:30–11 am


"We are pleased to offer our community access to IBCLC care in a group setting. This is perfect for the parent who might have had trouble with breast/chestfeeding over the weekend and needs some questions answered on Monday morning."



Other resources:

List of local Reviewed Lactation Consultants on the PSP Website.  

International Lactation Consultant Association

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