Current Events Magazines and Websites Appropriate For Tweens

Your tweenager is curious about current events. Here, parents share some of the news outlets that explain current events in an educational, engaging and appropriate way for a tween.



Time Out For Kids 


Washington Post's Kid Post section: 


Scholastic Magazines:


Upfront Magazine:

What parents say: "My 12 year old's ELA teacher uses Upfront Magazine with her 7th grade class--it is a NY Times publication of current events geared towards middle schoolers. You could check it out and see if it is appropriate for your 10 year old."



What parents say: "Try the Indykids newsletter. The stories are written by kids, for kids, with an emphasis on social justice. You can subscribe to an online or hard copy version. My daughter writes for them. It's a great resource.



What parents say: "I know my son's class gets Scholastic."