How to bring on Labor

What to do when you're past your due date?


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As the original poster asks:

"I'm 4 days past my due date and just found out from my doc that NOTHING is happening in  the labor progression department (including no dilation to date).  She's talking about administering pitocin late next week to get something going and I'd really like to avoid that.
Is there anything anyone recommend trying to get this baby going?   I've heard of natural  remedies like eating pineapple, eggplant, spicy food, drinking   raspberry leaf tea... anything  else? (Yes, I know sex is another option).
Also, has anyone ever seen an accupunturist or accupressurist to try and bring on labor? If  so, can you please send along contact info? I am getting desperate!"


"Congrats on your pregnancy. Your doctor may have explained, but  things can change very, very rapidly at this stage in pregnancy and having no dilation or effacement at this stage does not mean that you will not go into labor in the next few days. Some women (my own mother included) are showing no signs and then giving birth hours later. So, that is the first thing I wanted to mention. By the time your doctor was suggesting induction, you may already have a baby in your arms!"

"All of the foods you mentioned are among the suggestions for helping labor to come. Accupuncture is a common tool for adding labor. I can't say that I have seen it put a women into labor but about half of my clients have used accupuncture once of more in the last days before giving birth and it might be helping to bring on labor in their cases. Many people swear by it."

"Other options some women swear by include a good cry (from a sad movie you like for example), a massage, a long walk (but don't exhaust yourself), stairs (but again on the exhausting yourself), journaling about your upcoming birth and really being honest with yourself about any lingering fears or things that are holding you back (this can also be done out loud in a therapy session, with a good friend, with your partner, etc), afternoon naps (being well rested and relaxed can really help), and having a lot of trust and faith in your body and your baby and the process."

"Some women also choose to induce labor at home through herbs, homeopathic remedies, or castor oil. You should talk to your provider about this first, but it is an option many women consider if they do not go into labor by 41-42 weeks. Many local midwives suggest these methods for clients who are after 42 weeks or needing to bring labor on earlier for some reason. I know a great local homeopath who works for a midwife and I recommend her for anyone considering a homeopathic induction.
Enjoy the end of your pregnancy. Eat at your favorite places, go on dates with your partner or friends, take warm baths, read novels in bed, enjoy a fall walk in the park. Remember not to let the fear of an induced labor or the anticipation of wanting labor to come make you feel disappointed or impatient during your last days as a pregnant woman. This is a beautiful time in your life, enjoy it!"

"I've tried stuff on [this] page and have noticed things starting to happen. Even if it's placebo effect I'm okay with that for now... Full disclosure: this is the acupuncturist I saw when I was trying to get pregnant. She's also a PSP member."