Advice on getting to the hospital on "D" day

How to get to the hospital.

PSP members recommend a car service. What do you think? Read what they have to say.

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As one parent writes, "I live in prospect heights and I am giving birth at NYU hospital and I don't own a car. Is anyone dealing with similar situation? And are you planning on renting a car or Uber to the hospital?"




Try Lyft, Uber

"I've heard of many people calling a Lyft or Uber to take them to the hospital. I think the drivers are pretty used to it here in NYC! And it's easy because they will show up in a few minutes. With renting a car, you would have to know in advance when you need it and then worry about dropping it back off -- plus car rental places are only open during certain hours."

"we used Uber or Lyft to get there from Park Slope and it was no problem. The driver got a little nervous when he realized my wife was in labor and asked if we should just go to the nearest hospital in BK but we insisted on NYU and it all worked out fine."

"We took an Uber to Manhattan when I was in labor with my first baby, and the driver was fantastic. He drove quickly and safely. It was definitely the way to go because we were able to make a split second decision to head to the hospital and the Uber was there in less than 5 minutes. And then we got dropped off at the right door at the hospital versus having to worry about my husband parking the car somewhere.My water hadn't broken yet so we took a beach towel. The driver didn't seem worried at all, I think he just wanted to make sure I got to the hospital in time and didn't have a baby in his car! It did however feel like the longest 45 mins ever and was the most unpleasant part of my labor, I did not enjoy being cooped up in the backseat and not able to move around to get comfortable."


Preparing for the car ride:

  • Bring a towel: "Our doula recommended bringing a towel for the ride over to sit on, and that the drivers are much happier and relaxed when you've thought of that ahead of time."
  • Wear Sepends: "Is it crazy that i was going to buy some puppy pads - to try and keep things clean and dry while we are laboring at home - to have under me in bed or on the couch, etc? hahaha. My doula also suggested Depends could be helpful and more comfortable after your water breaks - to keep things from getting messy - both of those seem pretty uber friendly as well."


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