TV and Movies Filmed in Brooklyn

Cause we're more than baby strollers, ya know...

Here are PSP member stories about some of the Hollywood movies and TV shows that used Park Slope as their film set.


1) The Royal Tenenbaums  "In my favorite film, The Royal Tennenbaum, Henry Sherman (Danny Glover) lives at the Ethical Culture Society!"

and "Royal finally concedes to a divorce from Ethel at the front of Henry Sherman’s building in Park Slope. While the distinct plaque reading SHERMAN is no longer there, you will find signage for the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture."

"The Royal Tenenbaums - one of the bathroom scenes was filmed at a house on 16th st between 5th & 6th Aves. I was walking my dog and saw Anjelica Huston and Gwyneth Paltrow walking up the street."

2) The Intern  "Also The Intern...again didn't seen the final product but seeing Robert DeNiro and Rene Russo filming a scene just off 7th Ave was a treat!"


See more photos HERE

3) The Squid and the Whale  "The Squid and the Whale was filmed on Sixth Ave between St. John & Lincoln. At least some of it was. I lived across the street and remember the signage, although I never saw any of the actors."


The Squid and the Whale was filmed at 167 6th Ave, view photos from the house HERE

4) Sorcerer’s Apprentice  Scene where Dave gets mugged in subway at 7th Ave Station:

nicolas cage jay baruchel sorcerers apprentice

5) Meet Joe Black  "At the Armory—the party scene—my neighbor saw Brad Pitt in front of her house."

6) Julie and Julia  Cafe Moutarde (formerly Mike & Tony's, now, 2019 Haenyeo) was used for a scene supposed to be set in Paris! Here is Stanley Tucci, Meryl Streep and Jane Lynch in the Parisian-like setting:

JulieJulia2 337x200

image via the New York Times

7) It's Complicated  

8) Wolf of Wall Street  "The Wolf Of Wall Street was filmed in Prospect Park."

9) Goodfellas  "Smith and 9th Street - the scene where Dinero is telling Lorraine Bracco that he's got some fur coats for her; trying to get her to go into an abandoned store front."

10) The Age of Innocence  "The Age of Innocence was filmed on 8th ave between Carroll and President in the mid 90s. I remember Daniel Day Lewis riding down Carroll on horseback in fake snow."

11) For Pete's Sake  "The lobby of 125 PPW (corner of 8th st) was used in the 1974 Barbara Streisand film, For Pete’s Sake. There's a car chase scene where you see the building exterior and the park."

12) Addicted to Love  The Armory was used for Addicted to Love with Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan. They rebuilt one of the character’s apartments in the armory. Here’s a shot I think:


13) The Smurfs  "My daughter tells me part  f The Smurfs was filmed at the Prospect Park Boathouse."


14) War of the Worlds  "A small scene of War of the Worlds was filmed on Carroll between 7th and 8th aves."

15) Winter's Tale  "Winter's Tale team kept their horses right outside my window on Garfield Place, filmed in Prospect Park."

and from another member: "Last year's Winter's Tale has exterior shots of the Ethical Culture bulding and the edge of Prospect Park (including Colin Farrell on a horse!)."


16) Mo Better Blues  "Spike Lee filmed a scene from Mo Better Blues on either FiskePark or Polhemus."

17) Landlord   Perhaps the first gentrification film ever, The Landlord, from 1970, starring Beau Bridges, was filmed and set on Prospect Place between 5th Ave and 6th Avenue. If you watch the film what you'll notice right away is the lack of trees. The actual house used for the exteriors is now nearly covered in vines and almost unrecognizable from how it appears in the film."

"The 1970's Hal Ashby film The Landlord starring Beau Bridges--I specifically remember the beautiful stained glass window that is now part of a yoga studio on 6th avenue near Flatbush featured in the beginning of the film."

18) Heartburn  "Heartburn - Jack Nicholson, Merill Streep?, screenplay by Nora Effron."

19) Sex and the City   "Miranda put Park Slope on the map...sorta..."

20) Anchorman 2  "We watched will Farrow and Christina appelgate film scenes for Anchorman 2 in a brownstone on 3rd street between 7 and 8 ave about 2 years ago."

and  "Anchorman 2 filmed on 3rd Street and 8th ave. they filled the whole block with vintage 70s cars."


Browse more photos from when Anchorman 2 filmed in Park Slope HERE.

21) Sophie's Choice  "The Boat House scenes and maybe more."

22) Mr Popper's Penguins  "Mr Popper's penguins with Jim Carrey - filmed on new Montgomery."

23) Mr. Wonderful  Mr. Wonderful--early 90s. And the only reason I know this is because it was filmed in my old building on PPW between 7th and 8th street. Matt Dillon and Marie Louise Parker were very sweet and didn't mind talking to and signing autographs for a little kid like me.

24) My Idiot Brother  "My Idiot brother with Paul Rudd on 1st St and 8th Ave."

25) Baby Mama  "Community Bookstore, 143 7th Ave. Also Baby Mama shot a scene there."

"the block of 6th Ave btwn 4/5th (where we lived at the time) was turned into winter (in May) for a day, fake snow and all."

26) Awakenings "Maybe this is too far back. But when I was a kid we watched Robin Williams film scenes from "Awakenings" on 7th Street between 7th Avenue and 6th Avenue -- fake snow, antique cars, and he was lovely to the neighborhood kids. A cool memory."

27) Mona Lisa Smile

image via HERE

28) The Muppets Christmas Movie


"About five years ago some scenes for the Muppets Christmas movie (Letters to Santa) were filmed at my house (and my neighbor’s house) on Carroll St. My neighbor got Miss Piggy, but it was the thrill of my (then) nine year old’s year to hang out with Gonzo."

29) War of the Worlds   "Also, scenes from War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise were filmed on Fiske and Carroll, and I believe that scenes from the Age of Innocence were filmed on 8th ave and Carroll."

30) The Duplex, 2003, a movie with Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. Harvey Firestein has a great supporting role!  Pretty sure it’s interior and exterior scenes are 240 (?) Berkeley Off 8th avenue.

 31) Smoke with Harvey Keitel and Willam Hurt and Forest Whitaker was filmed on 16th street at PPW in a cigar shop that is now Dubs Pies.

32)  As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt filmed on Howard Place and also Regina’s Bakery when it was on PPW.

33) This is far back, but the outdoor scenes in “Dog Day Afternoon” (1975) were filmed in Windsor Terrace on Prospect Park West between 17th and 18th Sts.

TV Shows:

1)The Affair  "The Affair on Showtime! All over the Slope and the Barclay center!"

2) Louie  "The TV show Louie shot a scene with Parker Posey in Community Bookstore, 143 7th Ave."  and "Pretty sure I saw an episode or two in most recent season of Louis shot in The Community Bookstore on 7th Avenue and they walk down 7th Ave at night — the episodes where LouisCK is dating a certifiably neurotic woman…..wait, that would be practically every episode…"

3) Orange is the New Black  "Orange is the New Black shot several scenes in Park Slope and had thousands of dollars worth of cables stolen from the set."

pss oitnb filming

image via HERE

4) Boardwalk Empire  "Some of the casino scenes in Boardwalk Empire were filmed at The Montauk Club, (8th Ave and Lincoln Place)."

5) The Americans  "A scene from The Americans was filmed at Kiwi on 7th Avenue.  It was this year, and I think it was when the father took his daughter to choose a dress for her baptism?"

"According to the manager at Purity when I asked" about the diner being used for a scene in The Americans (it's when Keri Russell meets with the young military guy who she pretends to be attracted to in Ssn 2, I believe), he also shared that Louis CK filmed there once. He mentioned a couple of other things, but I forget what they were."  

The Americans one of the last episodes looked like it was filmed at Smiling Pizza on 9th and 7th ave. I know

The Americans filmed quite a bit in Park Slope (and Gowanus?) The one scene I ever recognized it in was the one where Stan Beeman was at what was supposed to be a Roy Rogers (actually Smiling Pizza at 7th Ave/9th St.)

6) Odd Mom Out  "Odd Mom Out on Bravo did a Brooklandia episode that was shot at the park by grand army plaza and along prospect park west."

7) Bored to Death "Board to Death was filmed several times at the brownstone across the street from us on 1st st between 7th/8th. Zack Galfianakis was on the block many times."

8) The Good Wife  In case these haven't been mentioned: Elementary, Suits, Boardwalk Empire and Blue Bloods have all filmed at the Tracy Mansion on 8th ave; the Good Wife has filmed around there (8th ave/Carroll St); Madam Secretary has done a couple of shoots in front of a townhouse on Carroll St near the park.

9) Gotham  "Did anyone mention Gotham? The Montauk club is the Mayor's house."

10) Mysteries of Laura  "The TV shows Gotham and Mysteries of Laura filmed at the Montauk building (corner of 8th Ave and Lincoln Pl)."

11) Broad City  "Broad City: Abbi has a hallucinatory experience at the Whole Foods on 3rd while Ilana cruises around Gowanus on her bike looking for her (includes the mural behind Ample Hills on Nevins)."

12) Black List  "The Black List was filmed in our apt building in WT this year."

13) The TV show “Billions” films all over the city, including in Prospect Park.

14)  The Last O.G. has filmed several times in central Park Slope. Last year summer, a Rolie Polie Guacalole concert was cancelled because Tracy Morgan and crew were filming by the picnic area at JJ/3rd Street.

15) Sesame Street I remember when my oldest was a baby, Murray (the orange puppet) from Sesame Street was outside the Old Stone House interviewing neighborhood kids for an episode! Lots of Park Slope shots in Murray had a Little Lamb! Look for learning how to ride a bike episode. And lots of 4th Ave murals show up in Sesame Street, too.