I found a baby bird! What do I do?

So you found a baby bird fallen out of it's nest.  Here are some following resources to help your winged friend!


Wildlife in Crisis

Wildlife in Crisis is a non-profit founded to care for injured and orphaned wildlife.  Their website is packed with tips and guidelines for how to handle a wild animal in need.  Be sure to read their Primary Care Tips For Young Birds to find out what to do - from how to get it back to it's nest, feeding, and more.


Wild Bird Fund

Take you birdie to the Wild Bird Fund!  Located in NYC, the Wild Bird Fund the only wildlife rehabilitation facility in New York City.  There mission is to provide medical care and rehabilitation to injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife of New York City and to release them back to the wild.  Here is their step by step instructions for how to rescue a baby bird.  The Wild Bird Fund also lists relevant articles like how to help a bird injured from flying into a window, rescuing a baby pigeon and more.

The Wild Bird Fund is located at 565 Columbus Avenue NY, NY 10024 [between 87th and 88th Streets]  and can be reached at 646-306-2862.  Hours are Monday - Saturday, 1 - 6pm and is by appointment only.