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Food Allergy Resources

Do you find yourself hyperventilating at even the work peanut (or gluten, dairy, etc).  Here is a round up of the folks out there who can help!

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Community Reminder: The Flu and Viruses

You've all probably heard the warnings about the flu going around.We had questions about getting vaccines this week on our list. As a community we can do a lot to keep ourselves and our neighbors healthy so we're posting these neighborly reminders!

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Blocked or Clogged Tear Duct

Advice from PSP Parents who have dealt with their child having a blocked tear duct - and even one message from a parent who suffered from this condition herself as a child! 

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Circumcision - To Snip or NOT to Snip

Advice over the years about whether to circumcize your son.

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Tonsils Out! (Adenoid and Tonsil Advice)

PSP members share advice and expriences about adenoidectomies, recovery times, and how YOU will make it through the surgery (the kid will be fine).

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8 Ways To Treat Cradle Cap

8 tips to help with cradle cap - those dry scalp scratchies!


Mommy's Thumb, Wrist and Tendonitis

Mommy's thumb, mommy's wrist, deQuervain's tendonitis and tenosynovitis, or even carpal tunnel — here's how PSP members handled it.


Advice for Diastasis Recti

 How PSP members treated diastasis.


Incontinence after Childbirth

Are you suffering from incontinence issues post childbirth? You are not alone.  Many Park Slope Parents describe this as a common but a rarely talked about experience.  In this article we share what membershave said in the past for dealing with incontinence.


How To Deal With Colic

Are you wondering how to deal with a baby with colic? Here are some tips and advice from PSP parents about helping a colicky baby.

Resources For a Traumatic Birth Experience

No two birth experiences are alike and a mother's transition from labor and delivery to new motherhood can be vastly different. For some , moving out of a traumatic birth experience (TBE) can take a long time to happen. Some have been physically injured by the birth of their baby, and postpartum care doesn't always address these health issues. Others are impacted by anxiety, anger and disappointment around their birth as well as full blown