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Covid Vaccines and Kids Ages 5–11: Tips for a Painless Poke

A week after the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was cleared for children aged 5 to 11, nearly a million kids had already received their jabs, with another 700,000 appointments scheduled in the days to come.

If your kiddo’s not yet a part of that 1.7 million, check out our info and tips below to set up your appointment and get them protected from Covid-19!


Medical Reminders and Updates

As we get ready for fall, it’s time to make sure that everyone’s health care maintenance is up to date.


2-year-old difficulty gaining weight

A PSP member writes: "Our daughter is just over two years old and has had issues gaining weight for the last six months. She has always been around 5th percentile in weight but since her 1.5 year check up it has been off the chart, as in her weight is too low to determine the percentile..."

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Teeth Brushing

Ideas to get your little ones to polish their pearly whites! Also included is advice about how not to swallow toothpaste.


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What I wish other parents knew about my child’s allergies

Parents on the PSP Allergy Group have shared their stories to help folks educate themselves and learn compassion for those raising kids with allergies. This article also contains wisdom for those navigating an allergy diagnosis.

If you’re not yet a member of PSP, join us today to get connected to families on the Allergy Group. Already a member? Sign up for the Allergy Group here!

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Getting Babies and Kids to Take Medicine

Parents share experiences of their babies and kids refusing to take medicine, and PSP members offer tips to help! 


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Community Reminder: The Flu and Viruses

You've all probably heard the warnings about the flu going around.We had questions about getting vaccines this week on our list. As a community we can do a lot to keep ourselves and our neighbors healthy so we're posting these neighborly reminders!

Top Tips for No-Tears Blood Tests

Blood draws are a necessary part of staying healthy for babies, kids, and adults alike, but that needle can be awful frightening! Below, check out advice from members on making the experience as smooth as possible.

Need help choosing a lab? PSP members have reviewed blood draw locations around Brooklyn!

Not yet a member of PSP? Join us today to connect with a community of families supporting each other through everything from baby’s first blood test to


Kids and Covid Swabs: Top Tips for No-Tears Testing

Covid testing isn’t the most delightful experience for anyone, but if your child gets extra skittish around the swab, there are some easy steps you can take to help make things more comfortable. Here are tips from members to help create a smoother testing experience for your little one.

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Help for Diaper Rash

Tips from parents who have been there, done that on how to help kiddos suffering from diaper rash.

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Choosing a Pediatrician/Doctor for your Child

Advice about choosing the right pediatrician/doctor for your child.


How to Give a Baby Medicine

Are you having problems giving your baby medicine? You are not alone!

"It IS an epic battle, and SO stressful. I hate it," says one PSP member to the Advice List. Here, parents share the different ways of administering medicine without overly restraining the baby or losing too much of the medication.

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Bath time: How do wash your toddler's hair?

Wondering how the heck you wash your child's hair at bath time? Here PSP parents share how they do it.

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Blocked or Clogged Tear Duct

Advice from PSP Parents who have dealt with their child having a blocked tear duct - and even one message from a parent who suffered from this condition herself as a child! 

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Getting Rid of Lice

Worried about lice? Here are tips and suggestions from member of Park Slope Parents who have had their fair share of lice battles with their little ones. 

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Feedback on Palate Expanders

So you’ve just found out that your child might need a palate expander and what do you make of it? Are they a medieval torture device or a valuable preventative measure for future problems? Here are some local parents’ feedback on the palate expander…

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Circumcision - To Snip or NOT to Snip

Advice over the years about whether to circumcize your son.

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Tonsils Out! (Adenoid and Tonsil Advice)

PSP members share advice and expriences about adenoidectomies, recovery times, and how YOU will make it through the surgery (the kid will be fine).

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When the Kids Are Sick: Smart Tactics

Quick tips for what to do on Sick Days

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Leg Cramps & Growing Pains

Help for life's little growing pains.

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8 Ways To Treat Cradle Cap

8 tips to help with cradle cap - those dry scalp scratchies!

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Eczema Solutions

Things to do to treat eczema.

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Frequent Chills

One parents asks "several times a day, some more than others, my son exhibits a quick movement that looks like he just got the chills." Wondering what's up? Here's the original post and summary.


How To Deal With Colic

Are you wondering how to deal with a baby with colic? Here are some tips and advice from PSP parents about helping a colicky baby.