PSP Guides Library

Park Slope Parents has more than a dozen PSP Guides—comprehensive resources compiled from crowdsourced and expert wisdom to help you through all stages of the parenting journey.

The PSP Guides Library is available at a reduced price to PSP members, and non-members can also purchase guides for a small fee. If you're a parent in Brooklyn who wants access to all of the guides at reduced cost, plus dozens of forums tailored to your parenting journey and hundreds of discounts to local businesses, join us today!

The Guides Library includes:

- Guide to Finding and Securing Daycare

- Guide to Pre-K

- Guide to Finding and Securing a Preschool

- Guide to Public School: Kindergarten Edition

- Guide to Raising Bilingual Children

- Guide to Transitions

- Annotated Sample Nanny Work Agreement (Full-Time and Part-Time)

- Guide to a Nanny Share

- Guide to a Virtual Birthday Celebration

- Guide to Occasional/Date Night Babysitters

...and more!

We're always adding to the library and updating the existing guides, so keep checking back!

Visit the Guides Library HERE, and if you're not yet a member of PSP, join the community today!