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Commercial Posts are broadcast to the Park Slope Parents Email Group, which reaches over 8,000 Brooklyn parents each day. 

 What is a Commercial Post?
A Commercial Post is an email message that is sent to the Park Slope Parents Advice List.  Parents receive messages on this group that include seeking referrals, recommendations and tips on hot topics asking about dance classes, day care providers, dentists, double side parking, hairdressers and more. Commercial Post messages are interspersed amongst these general messages.  Although Commercial Posts are one-shot advertisements, their penetration to our 8,000 members makes them ideal for announcing classes, camp openings, events, and anything else which requires instant visibility and call to action for your offerings.


 Commercial Post details:


What does a Commerccal Post look like?
Here is an example of a recent commercial post as it appears within the digest



Ready to Get Started?
ollow the below instructions:

 1) Pay PSP via PayPal.  for the appropriate invoice.


 2) Send PSP your Commercial Post text to and be sure to include the following:

  • Keep your post within 1,500 characters or 40 lines of text.
  • Your subject line should be no more than 50 characters (this include spaces.  Our system will cut it off if it's any longer!
  • Make sure your post includes all the right contact information!


The small print stuff: PSP cannot control where within the digest of messages your post will appear & all submissions to PSP is final and may be posted immediately upon receipt and payment.


Are you a certified educational organization (school or PTA) or religious organization/institution?

Local Public schools and religious institutions may still post for free once per quarter, but please check out the information HERE to make sure your message gets posted in a timely manner and with the least back and forth. Subsequent post are $25. Click here to pay via PayPal.


Are you a Brooklyn based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization? 
Special rates are available to Brooklyn based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations at a heavily discounted rate of $40 each. You can pay via PayPal. Click here to send payment or contact for an invoice.  If you will be posting often consider a package of 10 posts for only $250!  Click here to send that payment  (3% added for incurred fees)
Read our FAQs about non-profits posts here.

Please email when you've paid for a post so we can easily confirm that the message received at notice@parkslopeparents has indeed, been paid for.

Please review The PSP Advertising & Editorial Disclaimer