Place a Leaderboard Ad

A Leaderboard Banner runs throughout every page of the site, so members and readers will see your advertisement on all pages -- including recommendations for local services, advice on flying with children, pages advising new parents or expectant parents, and others.  Only one paid ad runs in this location at a time, making this a powerful purchase.    


What is a Leaderboard Banner? 

A Leaderboard Banner sits at the top of every content page on our site, including PSP Recommendations pages and other parent-related content (including the home page, which is available at a surcharge).  There is only one leaderboard banner running at any given time so your ad does not share the space with any other advertisement.    


What does a Leaderboard banner look like? 

On this page, you should see a Leaderboard banner just under the dark blue toolbar.  If there is no paid ad in the spot, you will see a Park Slope Parents Leaderboard Banner.  Below is a recent paid Leaderboard Banner.

leaderboard jan22 2


How much do leaderboards cost?

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing information.    


What type of artwork is required?

Art specifications: Leaderboard Banners are available in one size: 700 x 90 pixels.  Ads are accepted in JPG, GIF or Animated GIF formats. We do not accept Flash or ads larger than 100K in size.    


Ready to get started? 

1) Email us to check availability.    

2) Pay by check or invoice payable as soon as possible.    

3) Send PSP your artwork & specifications: 

a) Send completed artwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
b) Be sure to look at the PSP art specifications (you can access that by clicking on the option you are booking) 
c) Include the URL your ad will link to.


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Please review The PSP Advertising & Editorial Disclaimer