FAQs about Posting for Non-profits

Here are FAQs about posting for a non-profit.

Please note, there is a different process for posting if you are a local public school or religious organization. If you are you a local public school or a relgious organization? Information about how to post for a school or a religious organization can be found here.

If you are a non-profit, continue reading the below FAQs...


I would like to post an event for a non-profit. Can I? 

Yes.  Our membership wants to know what's going on in and around the neighborhood. Posts are $40 each which can be paid via PayPal here.  If you'd like the disounted rate of 10 messages for $300, you can pay via Paypal here (3% added for incurred fees). If you have questions or want an invoice contact .

If your non profit is not based in Brooklyn, the posting fee is $50 per message which can be paid via PayPal here.  If you'd like the discounted rate of 10 messages for $400, you can pay via Paypal here (3% added for incurred fees). If you have questions or want an invoice contact  .


Okay, I’ve paid. How do I get something posted?

Simply send your post to notice@parkslopeparents. Please email when you've paid for a post so we can easily confirm that the message received at notice@parkslopeparents has been paid for.


What things should I include in my post? 

    • Please include contact information so that our members can follow up with you (messages are posted from a “no-reply” email address).
    • Include ALL the relevant information as text as html links can be temperamental and break. Use a link shortener like bitly when possible.
    • We can include an attachment (PDF/jpg) but most people who access things from their mobile don’t open attachments and we want folks to get your message!


When Should I Post? 

Send your post to us two days before the desired time you want your marketing message to run. You can always buy multiple posts (10 posts for $250) for marketing messages that need a follow up reminder (e.g. for special events).


How long does it take to post? 

Give us 24-48 hours to post. We are processing anywhere from 150-200 messages a day so making sure that you aren’t in a rush means you don’t have to rush us and that we have time to get things through the system.


How can we make it easy for all of us? 

Have ONE point person from the organization send us information. Having multiple people send us messages (sometimes with different content) slows down the process for everyone.


How do I know the message has posted?

If you don’t receive a copy of the digest/post, please email and we’ll follow up.


How do I post information for local public schools or religious organizations?

Information about posting for schools, certified religious organizations can be found here.


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Last updated February 2019