Adoption Advice

A PSP member asks for advice about adoption


Friends of mine are considering adopting a child and they would like to know the right steps to take. If you have any advice and if you know a good lawyer specialized in adoption, please let me know.


* We worked with a wonderful agency in Buffalo, NY to adopt our two children. Adoption Star specializes in placing children of color
and encourages some amount of contact between birth and adoptive families. This can range from sending photos once a year to actual
visits. Part of the matching process is based on the comfort level in this regard.

* We had a wonderful experience with a private adoption. We used an adoption attorney by the name of Laurie Goldheim located in Nanuet NY # 854-624-272. This was several years ago, but we still keep in touch with her intermittently.

* Spence-Chapin is probably the best place to start. They do both domestic and international adoptions. I don't know of attorneys off the top of my head--I only know of some who handle adoptions once there is an identified child. You can also refer the woman to Patricia Mendell-she is a therapist who specializes in fertility issues and adoption. Her office # is 718-230-9383. She's an excellent resource.

I highly recommend the following adoption lawyers located on long island:

Greenberg & Greenberg
3 Sierks Lane
Roslyn Harbor NY 11576