Tips for Snowy Fun-- 2013

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Here's the best of our collective wisdom to help make your snow day nuthin' but fun.


Before the plow


Here's the best of our collective wisdom to help make your snow day nuthin' but fun.


I posted this during the last snowstorm, but I think everything is
still relevant.

NOT SURE if there is going to be Hot Chocolate at Prospect Park. The
sledding slopes may be super windy so they may forego the hot

1. Take extra mittens/gloves if you have them. Can keep you in the
snow longer when the first ones get wet and cold.

2. Snow with drizzled maple syrup is YUMMY! (Ba humbug on acid snow!)

3. Those little "hand warmer" packets work! They had them at G & E
last week (5th Ave btw 14th and 15th).

4. Pulling a stroller backwards is many times easier than pushing it.

5. Stick to the streets if you can-some of the sidewalks aren't shoveled.

6. Tights are very hard to change-- stick to layering things that can
be changed separately. Keep a clean dry pair of socks on hand as
well. Wet tights and 3 layers of clothes don't make for happy children
and aren't easy to change.

7. Those plastic snowball makers REALLY work.

8. The plastic chalk container (or square Tupperware containers) makes
a perfect size snow brick (although see #2). Build a Snow Castle!

9. Consider rubber bands and garbage bags to make gauntlets for
between the coat and the mittens/gloves as well as the boots and snow
pants. One wrong step and snow down the boots makes for whiny kids.

10. (NO CONFIRMATION ON THIS ONE) Free Hot Chocolate by NYC Parks at
9th street and Prospect Park 11am -3pm

11. Consider helmets when sledding (a friend's niece died inner tubing on snow).

12. Please Shovel if you've got a sidewalk! Also--Help a neighbor
shovel theirs. It's super dangerous and folks with disabilities have a
tremendously hard time in un-shoveled sidewalks!

13. Building a snowman is always best when you use things from
nature-- pine cones make great eyes, sticks make great arms, etc.
Hey-- build a snow family with everyone in your family represented
(even your pets!)

14. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND SAFE on the sledding SLOPES! walk up the
sides, not up the middle!

15. Parents-- Peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate is YUMMY and tastes
like a melted Andes candy!

16. If your teenager is old enough to snovel snow-- put up their info
on the PSP Classifieds to get some extra cash this holiday season.

17. Set age appropriate rules for Snowball Fights. One snowball in the
face can take a kid out of commission for the rest of the day (this
one from experience)

18. It might be time to wash the snow gear when you get home. If you
try to put dirty stuff in the dryer you may end up with stains you
can't get out.

19. You can sled using an old cardboard box. It doesn't have the shelf
life of a plastic sled, but then again you probably have a big box on
it's way to recycling.

20. Fill squirt bottles with water and food coloring spray it on the
snow. Make a snow rainbow, decorate your snow angels, make faces,
write names, etc. (Thanks Ilse)

21. Scoop a bunch of snow into a large bowl , give your kids cups and
spoons and go at it (Thanks Nancy)

22. There's nothing like a nice warm bath to thaw you out after a
session in the snow.

23. Try making a snow sculpture rather than just a snowman. Snow
mermaid, turtle, snow snake-- be creative. (Google "snow sculpture"
images for some great ideas!)

Help us with more ideas! Post to the list!