Park Slope Parents (PSP) is a community of 7000+ families in Brooklyn, NY. Celebrating its 18th anniversary in 2020, its members have shared advice on everything from choosing childcare to camps, hairdressers to healthcare, and coping with teething, terrible twos, and tweens.

With over 75 different online groups, PSP is stronger than ever. In addition to the popular Advice, Classifieds, and Career Networking groups, PSP has grown to include more intimate settings such as:

Park Slope Parents provides:

PSP is instrumental to the Brooklyn community and has been featured in the NY Times, NPR, New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and other media. View all of our press links here.


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Wondering What Park Slope Parents Is All About?

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Park Slope Parents' Founder, Susan Fox

Introducing Susan Fox, founder of Park Slope Parents!


A look at our history since our beginning in July 2002.