Who's Who at Park Slope Parents

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There are a lot of people who keep Park Slope Parents working smoothly. Meet them all here! 


Our Boards (deciding on policy issues):

  • Park Slope Parents Advisory Board

Specialty Moderators (who keep the lists running smoothly)

  • Real Estate Moderator
  • Nanny Moderator
  • Anonymous Post Moderator
  • Journalist Post Moderator
  • Events Post Moderator
  • Vaccine Post Moderator



  • Volunteer Corps Coordinator
  • Stoop Sale Summary Compiler
  • School Liaison
  • Medical Liaison
  • Family Issues Liaison
  • Clothing Swap Organizer
  • Face Painting Organizer



We also have a number of people we pay to do the day-to-day heavy lifting of running the website and managing our specialty groups, and tasks such as keeping our membership connected and up-to-date, our website technology updated, and more!


Susan Fox, Ph. D., Founder


(Susan, far right, youngest of five)

Susan Fox, Ph. D., is a community organizer and mother of two. Her first child was due September 12, 2001, and after the events of September 11th, she made the decision to focus on quality of life and community issues. Since that time, Susan has led efforts to create online and offline networks of people who can support each other and the community. Susan was chosen as one of the District Attorney’s Brooklyn Extraordinary Women for 2009 and a Woman of Distinction in 2010 by New York State Senator Eric Adams. She was honored by CHiPS for her support of their homeless young mothers' shelter in 2018. In 2020 she was given a Lovgren Award by the Park Slope Civic Council.

Susan founded Park Slope Parents in July 2002. The group members support each other online by sharing information about parenting (e.g., “does anyone know a pediatric cardiologist?”) and urban living (“how can I keep my toddler safe around my apartment steam pipe?”). There is also an offline component as well, including a Spring Fling, kids’ music concerts and clothing swaps. There are also partnerships with non-profit organizations to provide child-related items (e.g., clothing, cribs, blankets) for needy families. PSP rallied donations of blankets, food, and supplies during the 2012 Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, including over 1,500 meals over a week for 500 displaced families.

Susan has a background that is a tapestry of varied experiences. She has a Ph. D. in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Susan worked as Executive Director of Research for an entertainment market research company, an assistant professor, program coordinator for an Easter Seals camp for kids with disabilities, yoga instructor, blackjack dealer and Can-Can dancer. She teaches a graduate course in Interpersonal Communication at NYU as well as consults companies in strategic marketing and communications. Her most rewarding work-related experience, though, has been as a Brooklyn community organizer.


Rachel Maurer, Vice President

(Rachel, second from left, is the middle child in a family of five.)

Rachel is Brooklyn-born and raised, and some of her family is still in the area. Rachel worked in the travel industry for two decades before volunteering with Park Slope Parents. After some time, she was delighted to have the opportunity to contribute more to PSP, creating the Classifieds board, managing ad sales, customer service and all around second fiddle to the symphony orchestra that is Susan Fox. She is celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary this year, and has two children & a cat that bring her lots of joy and tsuris.


Jim Van Putten, Head of Technology


(Jim van Putten, older brother - right)

His LinkedIn profile reads: Portfolio manager, risk manager and investment strategist advising or managing hedge fund and fund of hedge fund products totaling more than 15 billion in assets serving institutional, insurance, reinsurance and high net worth clients. Extensive experience developing and managing complex options strategies, levered mortgage portfolios and diversified hedge fund portfolio using quantitative financial engineering techniques.

For Park Slope Parents, though, Jim makes the magic happen with all things dot com. He makes things look easy and effortless on the PSP website as well as keeping his wife, Susan Fox, from biting off more than their family can chew! While he's not working hard, he loves to kiteboard!


Colleen O'Connor-Grant, Director of Community Engagement

PA pic us with reardons 1985

(Colleen, tallest on the right)

Fluent in keyboarding (using all fingers!) since she was nine, Colleen has been writing and crafting communication for newsletters, newspapers, magazines and online outlets for most of her life. A graduate of Monmouth University, she spent time as local news reporter in New Jersey and a decade in financial journalism before joining Park Slope Parents. At PSP, she manages communication for PSP Baby Groups and PSP Specialty Groups, helping members bond, share, and establish communities that support one another in the adventure called parenting. She contributes content to the website, moderates and troubleshoots, and loves to coo over the baby pics that are shared in our online forums. When she's not online, Colleen volunteers with composting efforts and school gardens, and is raising her family's fourth generation of native New Yorkers.  She graduated in January 2020 with a Master of Science Urban Policy & Leadership from the Hunter College Urban Policy and Planning program.


Carla Weiss, Senior Director of Events and Marketing

carla weiss kid pic

(Carla, youngest of three sisters)

Producer, strategist, and storyteller with extensive experience in writing and creative development for the theater, film, and experiential marketing industries, Carla helps create and produce many of Park Slope Parents' 300+ yearly events and recently facilitated the pivot to virtual events. Known for her collaborative spirit, eye for talent, and success at engaging audiences across multiple platforms, she has enjoyed her new role as Zoom coach and navigator for PSP presenters and members. A PSP member for 17 years, Carla finds it a joy to market an organization that has been such an important part of her own parenting journey. 


Dorothy Scanlan, Director of Events


Dorothy grew up with her brother and twin sister and a few dogs (and two parents) in St. Louis, MO. She’s lived in Brooklyn for ten years, the first five in Park Slope. If there’d been such a category in her high school yearbook, she would have been named “least likely to live in New York,” but loves it now, thanks in large part to Park Slope Parents. Even so, she still thrills at the sight of a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap. Her anthropology degree finally paid off as she observed the rituals of alt side parking on various blocks. She helps organize events and Zooms for many of the subgroups on Park Slope Parents. When she’s not doing that, she loves to cook, tend to her plants, and take long walks. 


Sean Seu, Director of Membership

sean seu kid pic

Sean is a digital native, Seattle transplant, and Gen Z whippersnapper... and yet, despite growing up in a tech hub, he mostly uses computers to read YouTube Comments. He has a BA in Drama from Kenyon College. When he's not guiding folks through Park Slope Parents, you can find him dancing in a contemporary movement piece, assisting directors off-Broadway, or suffering through his friends' open mics.


Talya Phelps, Content Coordinator

talya phelps kid pic

(Talya, center, younger of two human siblings and two black bears)

Talya hails from the wilds of the Hudson Valley, where she graduated from Vassar College in 2019. At Park Slope Parents, she writes, edits, and coordinates content across the PSP website and social platforms; hunts down the perfect stock photos to accompany her articles; and haggles over em dashes and font sizes. Outside PSP, she's a programs coordinator at the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and a freelance editor and web manager. Her special skill is playing two recorders at once.


Ryan deLorge, Park Slope Parents Perks

ryan delorge kid pic

Ryan is a Park Slope native. He enjoys organizing the Poker Papas and being an active member of the PSP Dads group. His son Zack and daughter Olivia fill up most of his time, and all of his heart. As the president of his Block Association and Park Slope Civic Council Trustee, Ryan’s passion grows from his neighborhood. Currently he misses that neighborhood dearly, although still living in the heart of it. On the brighter side, he enjoys long walks down his hallway!


Updated August 2020