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    Speakeasy of Strength
    516 3rd Ave
    New York
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    We're your neighborhood fitness spot.

    Our fearless leader, Coach Fury, began his fitness journey with the goal to be strong enough to keep up with his kids. Maybe that’s your goal too. Maybe you just want to move well or feel strong and capable. Or, maybe you just want to learn from the best while working out around a crew of awesome people.

    Whatever your goal, our approach is to:
    Meet you where you are
    Link breath and movement so you get the most out of every exercise
    Expand your personal inventory of movement proficiency
    Build strength, mobility and fitness...while nerding out a little along the way
    We know you can defy your own expectations and have fun in the process.

    Personal Training: The most direct way to actualize your goals. Whether you're looking for strength, muscle gain, mobility, fat loss or general fitness, we got you! If you're a coach and you have a cert or strength test coming up, we got you too! We know how to write challenging, effective and fun programs to guide you on your path to glory.

    Small Group Training: The most cost effective and fun way to train with us. These programs provide the detailed attention and workout design of personal training with a community component. Plus, this is where we can make friends and get that extra motivation and accountability to show up. Showing up wins the day!

    Speakeasy Online: Online Coaching is nothing new to Speakeasy of Strength. Fury and the Team have been training people online for years. Whether you don’t live close enough to the Speakeasy or have concerns about training in person, Team Speakeasy has united like Voltron to provide three awesome at-home training options.

    We're owned and operated by your neighbors. We're skilled, strong, small and safe.

    If you hate gyms, tired of feeling your age, or need to blow off some steam... we are here for you.


    Speakeasy of Strength is excited to offer Park Slope Parents the following:

    20% of your first 5 Pack or Personal Training sessions. *Equals 1 Free Session.

    20% off your first month of Small Group Training. Small Group Training is a monthly membership offered in 4, 8 and 12 packs.

    Both programs offer indoor and online options.

    Please reference: "I want to be a Strong Parent" when emailing or calling to get your discount."

    Both discounts are only available for new Speakeasy Crew members.

    20% Personal Training discount is for your first 5 Pack of sessions. You will continue to get 10% off 5 Packs after that. These sessions must be used within 2 months of purchase.

    20% Small Group discount can be applied to any monthly membership. Unused sessions can be rolled over into the next month as long you maintain an active membership. *We do not have a monthly commitment. We want you to want to be here. **You must start your membership within 2 weeks of purchase.

    Review and Rating

    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 29-Mar-2021
    Subject:  ISO: In-person group fitness class, in/around Park Slope
    Comment:  Another vote for the Speakeasy of Strength! I've worked with Coach Fury for years, and he is an excellent trainer (and human!). He has gone above and beyond to ensure that the studio is clean and safe.
    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 29-Mar-2021
    Subject:  ISO: In-person group fitness class, in/around Park Slope
    Comment:  I've been working out at Speak Easy of Strength since July: https://speakeasyofstrength.com/ . Over the summer / fall I was doing personal training outdoors and then as it got cold I switched to indoor and eventually to their semiprivate training indoors, which is 3 of us indoors + the coach and others on zoom. The sessions use kettle bells, TRX, sandbags, body weight, etc.When I started in July I was way, way out of shape, I couldn't do a single push up. In no time it felt like not a thing to do 10 pushups. I've gotten really strong and in shape using their approach and it didn't feel like work, it was fun. I've been doing their 630am Wed session for a while, I'm not a morning person, so it's hard to get up, but i've never felt like omg I just can't do this today. Coach Fury's approach is healthy, realistic, and designed for real people.Coach Fury (the owner) and Coach Whitney are the two people i've worked out with and they are both delightful people as is everyone I've met there. It's a really fun, quirky, welcoming community.They have thorough safety protocols in place and a variety of session times on the schedule. I highly recommend!
    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 17-Aug-2020
    Subject:  Social Distance Personal Trainer
    Comment:  They do a lot of kettlebell work but most importantly KNOW their stuff. I had lots of postpartum issues and going there working in functional movements was super helpful. There are women on staff, one who has a now 1yr... but also Coach Fury himself is great. The building is in Gowanus.
    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 01-Mar-2020
    Subject:  Where are the local business gyms you love?
    Comment:  Recommended without full review, January 2020
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 22-Dec-2019
    Subject:  ISO personal trainer or group training
    Comment:  You should look at the Speakeasy of Strength on 3rd ave and 12th. Small group classes, excellent coaching and an inviting atmosphere. My coach is the owner and he’s amazing. Let me know if you have specific questions!