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    Anouk Allart, PhD - Center for Anxiety
    3692 Bedford Ave Suite P2
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    On 01-Nov-2019
    Subject:  Help for an anxious/perfectionist daughter
    Comment:  I’m so sorry to hear your daughter is struggling. We noticed some perfectionism, anxiety and social anxiety in our then 5 year old daughter. We used a few books with strategies that were helpful for a bit, but pretty quickly felt out of our league. We sought out therapy (don’t give up when it’s hard to find someone good with kids who has openings). After a lot of research and waiting lists we found a therapist who has helped our daughter immensely. She is at The Center for Anxiety and her name is Dr. Anouk Allart. Our appts were weekly for a while then when our daughter was thriving and using the strategies she learned on her own we went down to monthly then maintenance only. I found Dr. Allart by hounding the places where we were on endless waiting lists for who they would send their kid to if on a wait list. Our daughter was resistant to the idea of therapy (and anything brand new really) but Dr. Allart developed an immediate rapport and our kid quickly began to look forward to her session. Good luck!