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    Brooklyn Fitness
    204 25th st downstairs
    (516) 578-6892


    We are a training gym based in South Slope, Brooklyn. Unlike most of the exercise programs and gym classes on the market, we individually tailor the workouts to each client to ensure that they are going to be successful. No matter what your goal is, we can get you on the fastest path to reaching it! Brooklyn Fitness seeks to provide the best fitness training in New York City by combining industry best practices with a research-backed approach.
    Our team believes that the only way to truly unlock someone’s potential is to get to know them, which is why we concentrate on assessing each client individually. No matter what level of membership you have, we will write you a fully customized program and provide the coaching you need to execute it effectively. We are dedicated to your success, and you will love the results you get from working with us!


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