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    AboveBoard Financial
    246 5th Ave, Floor 5
    (917) 509-2537


    AboveBoard Financial (aboveboardfinancial.com) is making it easy for parents to get ethical, smart advice about their most important financial decisions. Founded by Wallis Tsai, a NYC mom with 10+ years as a financial services expert at Goldman Sachs, we offer plainspoken advice backed by institutional-grade research. Wallis has taught personal finance courses at Harvard Business School on multiple occasions.

    Visit our online Parents’ Financial Guide to get:

    - Financial Action Plan - put your own financial priorities in order
    - College Savings Advice - learn how much to save and see our 100% honest reviews of 529 plans
    - Life Insurance - figure out how much coverage you need, compare quotes online, and get covered

    We offer wealth management & financial planning through our fiduciary investment advisor and provide life & disability insurance through our independent insurance brokerage agency. Our client-first approach is raising the bar.


    1/2-hour complimentary consultation on saving for college, tailored to New York parents


    1/2-hour complimentary consultation on your 401(k) or 403(b) (You’ll need to send us your plan info at least 3 days in advance) - for anyone who’s ever wondered, “what the heck are these investment options?” or “am I doing the right thing?”

    Email us at concierge@aboveboardfinancial.com to get started!

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