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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 30-Dec-2019
    Subject:  Gas Furnace Annual Maintenance
    Comment:  I spend about $150 annually with Petro:https://www.petro.com/petro-locations/maspeth-nyThey helped me get to know my boiler when I was struggling with it and plumber after plumber kept messing stuff up. They do an annual cleaning and maintenance check and I get a discount on any work needed. Aside from my own stupidity move one time, I haven’t needed emergency support but the one time I did, they were great! 11:30pm pm a Friday in winter and they were here in less than half an hour. I did hire them to install a new WiFi thermostat which they did just fine. Happy to answer questions.
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 10-Nov-2019
    Subject:  Heating Help
    Comment:  We've used Petro- not the cheapest, I suppose, but they are responsive and know what they are talking about.It's worth Googling the manual for your boiler- ours was helpfully stapled to the wall of the furnace room when we moved in, but it walks you through checking the water level and lighting the furnace. I feel like we've also had the friendly National Grid tech look at the setup, though I can't remember why it came up, maybe they were inspecting one of the meters (this wasn't one of the meter readers). They had helpful suggestions about making sure there was air flow to the furnace, and looked at the gas burners to see if there was much carbon build-up.
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 05-Sep-2019
    Subject:  Need a Plumber/ nest expert that someone trusts
    Comment:  I used Petro to install my Ecobee thermostat. It was, indeed, WAY more complicated than I expected and well worth the installation cost.They've helped me out of many of a jam and are my annual boiler maintenance company as well. You pay an annual cost and they service the boiler annually and then give you a discount if there's an emergency. Notably, I haven't had an emergency since they taught me how to manage my boiler properly after many a plumber screwed something up for me.