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    NYU Langone Breastfeeding Cafe
    345 43rd St
    Sunset Park

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 22-Aug-2019
    Subject:  Shoutout for NYU breastfeeding cafe in Brooklyn
    Comment:  I just wanted to spread the word about NYU Langone’s new-ish “breastfeeding cafe” in Brooklyn. It meets in a community space in Sunset Park (345 43rd St) from 12-2pm in Tuesdays.I went for the first time today and it was exactly what I needed- a small group of new moms and an awesome lactation consultant. The LC weighed the babies at the start and after nursing to check how much milk is being transferred during feedings, and she gave very specific and personalized advice around each of our concerns. We also had time to hang out and chat, and have someone hold our babies when we were ready for a quick break.It’s free and registration is not required. I think it’s a great new resource for Brooklynites and I hope to see some of you there next week.