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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 10-May-2019
    Subject:  Personal Shopping/Styling
    Comment:  I would like to whole-heartedly recommend Nihal Orzay for personal shopping and styling/wardrobe advice. I worked with Nihal when I was about to start a new job and my wardrobe was in serious need of an overhaul to update, refresh and overall improve it. I had only a week before starting and so didn't have a lot of time (or money) to waste. Nihal was a true lifesaver and complete pleasure to work with. To begin, she asked me questions about me, the new job, and my lifestyle to get a sense of my style, needs and what I was looking for. She then came over and spent a few hours with me, carefully and methodically going through every single item in my closet to determine what I should keep and what should go, as well as to figure out what was still needed. Her judgment here was excellent and extremely helpful. She also helped to stay within my budget by repairing and rehabbing a few items that had shown some wear and tear but otherwise were still good items to keep. After that session, she did the work of putting together a look book with looks and ideas for what we should be aiming for for me, as well as detailed suggestions for where to shop for what items, based on what I needed. She offered to either shop for me and bring the items to me, or to shop together -- I opted for the latter, as I had the time then before starting my new job. We spent a long day together, and throughout the day, Nihal's eye and judgment were invaluable. She guided me in what to try on, what to buy, and most importantly, what not to buy and when to walk away. At the end of the day, I had nearly completed my wardrobe and was extremely happy with the purchases. We stayed well within my budget and there wasn't anything I felt that I wanted to return or that I regretted buying -- which, had I done this on my own, certainly would not have been the case. She also followed up after the shopping trip to help me figure out how to wear the new items, what to put with what, and by sending me links for items (shoes, belts, purses) that I still needed to complete my wardrobe. I enjoy opening my closet doors now, because I see a closet full of items I want to put on and that all goes together -- not the jumble of good and bad and in between that I previously had. I look forward to working with Nihal again when the season changes and I need to upgrade my summer wardrobe!