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    Anne Yarowsky, LCSW
    132 East 72nd Street
    New York
    (917) 822-5556

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 12-Apr-2019
    Subject:  Adult Health, Mental Health & Healing Reviews Adult Health, Mental Health & Healing Reviews from 2018
    Comment:  I see Anne for depression and have worked with her around a number of transitions in my life, including marriage and caring for an ailing parent. She is very caring and funny. I find her emotionally insightful. She does not take insurance. I submit claims to cigna and get over 80% reimbursed. Discuss with the therapist if there’s anything about the therapy itself that you don’t like. I find that sometimes people stop going to therapy because there’s an aspect of it that they don’t like, but they are too afraid to discuss it with the therapist. In my experience, addressing a challenging aspect of the therapy process itself results in a better relationship with the therapist and a more pleasant experience! Usually it can be addressed and isn’t worth leaving therapy over.