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    5th Avenue @ Union Street (and more locations in NYC + SF!)
    Park Slope

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 04-Sep-2019
    Subject:  Phone booths / Coworking space??
    Comment:  I love spacious. It’s at the corner of 5th and Union—used to be a gym so lives up to its name. It has monthly fees that are pretty reasonable but also has a daily pass you can buy for just whenever you want to do it. Has free coffee and water so almost makes it the same cost as going to a cafe with less guilt and more freedom to have conference calls.Try Spacious, they have a large place on 5th Ave and Union. I think it’s reasonably priced. Other locations too and more coming.I use Spacious on Union St. and 5th Avenue. It’s a drop in work space for $20 a day. You can get subscriptions or packages too if you think you’ll use it more. They have great wi-if, outlets, free coffee and water. Tons of space for taking meetings but they also quiet areas. I’ve been really happy with it and love the no commitment.Spacious recently opened a large space on 5th Ave and Union at the old bank that was the gym. You can pay by the day, its $20 for a day pass and there are no long term commitments. If you think you might go somewhat regularly they have some monthly and annual memberships. I think they have free coffee and tea. I haven't worked there myself but have considered it and looked at it when it first opened, it seems nice.Oh! And Spacious just opened a huge location on 7th and St John (? I think?) that is $20 a day for drop in and I think just $199 for monthly. It was less cushy than Spaces but absolutely would get the job done!