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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 22-Aug-2019
    Subject:  ISO Postpartum Doula Recommendations
    Comment:  I highly recommend my doula - Dani Katz. She was my birth doula and has also done some PP doula work. I have experienced her as extremely validating, warm, knowledgeable, and efficient. She just did a big batch cooking for me. In just over 2 hrs, she made tons of soup and a few other items. daniellekatz2@gmail.com; 516-524-5679. Dani was my friend's doula and I'm really glad my friend recommended her.
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 29-Mar-2019
    Subject:  2019 Birth Survey
    Comment:  Dani made two visits to our home to prepare us for the delivery. She was very knowledgeable and the right personality fit for us (ie., a bit hippie/crunchy but not too much). While my labor and delivery were relatively short and uncomplicated, she was great because she helped me with labor positions before I got the epidural and then stayed the night to keep me company in tandem with my husband. She got some amazing photos during ge delivery that I will cherish forever. She also helped us a lot in her one post partum visit.