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    Douglas G. Moss, MD
    1160 Park Ave
    New York
    (212) 433-2651

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 15-Mar-2019
    Subject:  Newly pregnant, need OB
    Comment:   use an OB on the UES, though he delivers at Mt. Sinai - Douglas G Moss, Park Avenue Women's Center. I got pregnant at 39, delivered at 40, and am trying to get pregnant again at 42, and love, love, love Dr Moss. I've been going to him for 16 years at this point. He's got a great bedside manner - truly unflappable, which has always been good for me since I'm a bit high strung :) - was incredibly patient through repeated questions with my pregnancy and otherwise, very responsive to calls, etc. He's also very considerate of the concerns of patients and balances them with medical options, which he presents in full. No judgment, but he will give you his perspective while still respecting the POV and knowledge you bring, and come to course of action that works for you and is in line with what's medically appropriate.The only drawback is insurance - the practice accepts a limited range. If yours isn’t accepted, for OB care, the practice's billing department manages insurance filings. You'll have to pay a set fee (I paid in installments) and any refund (based on insurance reimbursements paid to the practice) is sent post-delivery. An upfront expense, so a big consideration, but unquestionably worth it for me; I’d recommend Dr Moss unequivocally.