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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 30-Jan-2019
    Subject:  Favorite Postpartum Workout?
    Comment:  I’ve been doing BirthFit’s online program for about 6 weeks and it’s been great. I needed the flexibility because I wasn’t able to make it into regular classes. The early workouts ease you in slowly and focus on core stability and breathing - I really liked this since I am recovering from a c section. Workouts have gotten more intense lately and I’m definitely sore (in a good way). You need access to some equipment but most things can be easily modified (for example, you can sub dumbbells for a barbell if you don’t have access to a barbell). There are some lifts/movements in the later sessions that might take some practice if you don’t have a lifting or CrossFit background (for example, I did push presses and deadlifts this week), but so far it all seems totally doable for just about anyone. I’m in week 6 out of 15 so I can only speak to the first 6 weeks, but based on that I’d recommend it!