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    232 Playroom
    232 Warren St
    (347) 926-1963

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    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 08-Jan-2019
    Subject:  Playspace
    Comment:  I have to agree. 232 Playroom is awesome. We tried it out with a kid pass and my 16 month old son loved it! He has quite the tantrum when we left. They even had a woman there singing and bringing out bells and scarves for the kids to play with. It was great. We will definitely be back.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 08-Jan-2019
    Subject:  Playspace
    Comment:  I don't know if anyone else lives in the cobble hill area, but my child has recently started going to this amazing playspace here. It's called 232 Playroom (at 232 Warren St). I live nearby and haven't noticed it before, the sign is so surreptitious. But it's the parlor floor of a brownstone full of toys, super bright and pretty. And they do a full month pass for $40 which seems a fantastic deal, especially because they seem to be open M-F 9:30-5. Such a relief after kidville and these other places that have open play an hour or so a day. Anyway, I have no affiliation with it etc. but just wanted to share the tip if anyone else is nearby.