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    Apple Eco-Friendly Cleaning LLC
    (347) 858-2450

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    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 07-Jan-2019
    Subject:  Recommendations for Deep Cleaning Service
    Comment:  Based on a PSP recommendation we just had a deep clean of our home done by Apple Eco Friendly Cleaning which was great and very thorough. They use their own natural cleaning supplies and took a lot of care getting everything clean beyond our 2x/month cleaning.Just be very explicit on what you want done and on the various spaces (they charged extra for stairs and walk in closets, which makes sense but wasn’t included on the intake form for a quote).
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 18-Dec-2018
    Subject:  Deep Clean for Apartment
    Comment:  We recently used Apple Eco-Friendly Cleaning for our two bedroom apartment. It was about $250. They are a women-owned cooperative. Miguel was our professional and he was amazing. He spent 6 hours scouring our apartment. I’m still finding places he’d cleaned three weeks out. Places like the inside of the toaster oven, my hairbrush, all the bathroom cabinet shelves, and the part of the stove underneath the thing that houses the coils.He was was extremely professional, efficient, and thorough. We highly recommend!!