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    Jeremy Paterson - Fourth Wall Painting Company

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    On 02-Jan-2015
    Subject:  Re: ISO: House painter for Small Paint Job
    Comment:  Jeremy Paterson of Fourth Wall Painting is wonderful! He is fast, clean, affordable and does beautiful work. He's also a really nice guy! (December 2014)
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    On 16-Mar-2011
    Comment:  We hired Jeremy following the recommendations we found on the PSP website and were super happy with his work. He painted both floors of our Duplex in a relatively short time. He is a great professional who does an impeccable job at a very reasonable price. Jeremy is very meticulous in his work and stayed long hours just to finish a room that we needed to occupy the next day. He helped us a lot in the selection of the paint and gave us careful advise. On top of it he was extremely pleasant and patient with our two year old who kept on running around him ‘checking’ on him’. We recommend Jeremy highly.
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    On 19-Jul-2010
    Comment:  We hired Jeremy to paint the interior of our apartment. He was great and his pricing is reasonable for the super job he did. He gave good advice about where to bring the color, inside or outside the archways, and did some touchups on the ceiling. He also offered to pick up the paint for us and finished the job before he said he would be done. AND he was super nice and friendly. I highly recommend his services.