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    The Little Brooklyn Pre-K Center
    The Little Brooklyn Pre-K Center
    173-177 25th St
    (718) 840-2840
    Greenwood Heights

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    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 15-Mar-2021
    Subject:  Dual Language UPK
    Comment:  Our son is currently at Little Brooklyn. We like the school but the Mandarin Dual Language program is hard to judge this year because it's virtual only. He is in person 5 days a week in a gen ed class and gets pulled out for 20 minutes a day when the Mandarin teacher is streaming. For the fall, we basically gave up on a public dual language K program for him. :(
    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 26-Jan-2020
    Subject:  2019-2020 Year Review
    Comment:  My child LOVES going to school here. The space is clean and bright. The teachers and staff, even the school safety agent and cafeteria staff are so incredibly loving- which really makes my little one thrive. Have there been days when she doesn't want to get out of bed? Yes! But it's never because she doesn't like school. She has so much fun. Activities are fun and age appropriate and parents are always encouraged to participate. … About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 06-Nov-2019
    Subject:  Review from the 2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool Survey
    Comment:   I think the Little Brooklyn Pre-Ks on 25th Street are under-recognized gems. These are DOE-run UPK-only centers with excellent programs. Our son has been in the location between 5th and 4th Aves, but he visits the location between 3rd and 4th Aves for after-school so I can speak to that facility as well. (This year they offered a 5-day/week afterschool for $285/month. Pickup by 6pm.) Our site is the smaller one, and they've been under-enrolled so this year his class was about 14 kids with two and sometimes 3 teachers/aides! His teacher is WONDERFUL (used to teach kindergarten) and hits the perfect balance between love/trust and authority. The curriculum is the citywide DOE preK curriculum. The facility/equipment is brand-new (renovated) with a lovely sky-lit gym and classrooms have age-appropriate bathrooms inside. They do great enrichment programs like opera writing and bread-making and chick-hatching. The site administrator Vera Kaiser is extremely on-the-ball and has high standards. Basically I cannot speak highly enough about it. DETAILS: Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals, Uses playground at sister facility down the block What you would change: They don't do enough to limit sugar. Every holiday/celebration there seems to be a proliferation of candy handed out and when you add in birthday celebrations, it feels like every day our son is coming home talking about cupcakes etc.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 23-Nov-2018
    Subject:  Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey
    Comment:  We love this program. We are in the dual language Spanish program, but the whole school is wonderful. Our daughter has made wonderful friends, loves going to school, and is growing by leaps and bounds. The school has a warm atmosphere and celebrates diversity and differences, while emphasizing similarities. I have never seen any issues with kids being exclusive or teasing. The teachers are warm and engaged. The school is orderly and organized both on the child and parent level. I can't say enough good things about how much I love the school, her teacher, and the program as a whole. They also do a great job of securing unique experiences, like they are collaborating with the opera to build their own opera over 18 weeks, making bread with professor bread, and walks in the neighborhood. But the best part is the celebrated diversity and inclusive feel they culture so well. They are creating kind, caring and open minded little humans. All of the staff is wonderful, the art teacher, the movement teacher, the security guard, the director, the teachers and administrators all know my daughter by name and greet her every morning. It is a nice balance of play, outdoor time, movement experiences, art/creative time, and reading/writing/stem activities. They get it just right without overthinking it. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals What would you change? Nothing, it is better than I could have imagined.