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    On 14-Aug-2018
    Subject:  Best at-home veterinarian for end of life?
    Comment:  I’m so sorry you are going through this. Our furbabies are never with us long enough. We needed to use Dr. Donna O’Leary’s services twice last year - first for our cat, Tigger, who had osteosarcoma in his face and then nine months later for another of our cats, Boo!, who had an inoperable tumor on her pituitary causing cushings disease (her skin was extremely brittle) and diabetes. She is affiliated with Assisi animal hospital in malverne, Long Island (if I’m remembering the town correctly). While I wished we didn’t need to see Dr. O’Leary again so soon, she was wonderful both times. She is compassionate, kind, thoughtful and understanding, and she was gentle and soothing with our animals, mindful of the limitations they had at the time because of the stages of their diseases, and treated them with the utmost dignity.The whole thing really sucked but having her help us through the process and making our animals comfortable made it a little bit better. She works with a specific crematorium and you can either pick up the ashes out in Long Island from Assisi animal hospital or she will send them to you, I believe, by FedEx. We chose to drive out to Long Island both times; the LIRR also stops literally across the street from the animal hospital, so it’s easy to get to. Dr. O’Leary’s number is ‭(516) 662-8870‬. I would without hesitation recommend using her.