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    Saint Savior Catholic Academy
    Saint Savior Catholic Academy
    701 8th Ave
    Zip Code:
    (718) 768-8000
    Park Slope

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    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 03-Mar-2021
    Subject:  St Saviour Catholic Academy reviews
    Comment:  SSCA is a truly remarkable school. Even before a global pandemic unhinged the world, the staff and faculty had a way of guiding students and families through challenging moments. My son has been at the school since PreK, when he became a big brother. It was very hard for him, having been an only child for 5.5 years! But the school enveloped him - and our entire family - in love and support and the solid base he had at school anchored him and made such a difference to him during such a hard transition in his little life. And now as a thriving 2nd grader attending school during a pandemic, the solid ground the school has given us to walk on is a true gift. SSCA manages to do two very difficult things at once: provide a safe, secure loving environment, while also holding our children to high academic standards. It is worth repeating: SSCA is a truly remarkable place. As full-time working parents, it was very important for us to place her in a setting that could provide her with a strong academic base, a place where she could feel like she belonged, and most importantly, a school where we knew she would be safe. Coming from a large public school, we find the entire staff and teachers at SSCA to be welcoming, devoted and skilled at challenging each child to excel academically at their own pace. I know she will continue to advance in her education. SSCA feels more like a good family and we highly recommend SSCA.
    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 03-Mar-2021
    Subject:  St Saviour Catholic Academy reviews
    Comment:  Since 2016 to present we've had three children at SSCA starting from PreK to 3rd grade. Each year has been a great experience for each of our children: not only they receive an excellent education academically, but they are also beautifully encouraged and supported in their growth as human beings. We are deeply grateful to the Principal and all the teachers and staff at SSCA for being not only great, but also truly caring for each student. We know our children couldn't be happier in any other school! Current grade of your child: 1st and 3rd Years Present at SSCA: 5 years Overall experience: Absolutely wonderful. Teachers: Caring, thoughtful, creative, supportive, fun. Homework: Reasonable. Character: SSCA is a kind and warm community. We have loved being a part of it, and our kids have been very happy at the school. Leadership: The principal is very generous, communicative, accessible, and compassionate. Our daughter is currently in 5th grade, having started at SSCA in Kindergarten, and our son is in 1st grade. We feel so lucky to be a part of the SSCA community, which is caring and welcoming to all. In particular, as a family which celebrates both Christian and Jewish traditions, we have always felt at home. The small class size, the very engaged teachers, the visionary principal, and the safe and clean school building are some of the many features we cherish. The Academy has gone above and beyond during Covid: reopening after Labor Day for full time in person learning has been amazing and so important for our kids. And the use of outdoor space for learning, whether in Prospect Park which is one block away or by closing down the streets around the school has been brilliant. We cannot day enough positive things about SSCA! This was our daughter’s first year in middle school and our first year at SSCA. We were so grateful for the welcoming community and administration, and their commitment to open the school and offer in-person, hybrid, and remote learning this year. We were also impressed by her teachers and their willingness to make the school year a success despite the pandemic and all its challenges. Her homework load is reasonable, the material she is learning seems appropriate for grade level, and the small class-size has allowed for a more intimate learning environment. The music program (band and chorus) has been a highlight for her this past year. Our experience at SSCA is nothing short of fabulous. Our daughter started in September and we are beyond pleased with our decision to send her here. The anxiety of starting a new school in 5th grade and during these unprecedented times of COVID added to our apprehension. We were impressed on the 1st day with the safety protocol, caring environment and especially grateful for the in person education this year.
    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 13-Feb-2021
    Subject:  St. Savior Catholic Academy Reviews
    Comment:  We have two kids at SSCA as a result of pandemic and are definitely open to keeping them there next year. It's a Catholic School, it's not free of religion or religious policies certainly. It's not every day but it's not zero by any means. If you don't want that exposure, it's not the school for you probably. There's a very high amount of racial and socio economic diversity, unlike our time in park slope public school. We've only been a brief time but the parent community is really great too.
    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 03-Sep-2020
    Subject:  Saint Savior Feedback
    Comment:  Ours is a die-hard SSCA family - both our children are enrolled - and continue to stay enrolled - since they were in Nursery. My daughter will now enter 3rd grade and my son 1st grade (gulp, how did that happen...). As a family we have thrived, and grown, and been loved and supported. And our children are better for it. Principal Sue Walsh is a true educator - and parent. She 'gets it' and that theme runs through the rest of the staff and faculty. The school is socially, racially and economically diverse and reflects "New York" and "Brooklyn" - as an immigrant that was/remains important to me. I want my children to grow up and learn in an environment that was reflective of the society in which they live.As working parents both my husband and I feel very supported. We both have the types of corporate jobs that dont easily lend themselves to being in the classroom to serve pizza, or on school trips. But we have never felt judged. And when we can, we pitch in whole heartedly and in any other way we can.Happy to discuss further. Couldnt be my grateful or happier with SSCA.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 12-Apr-2018
    Subject:  Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey
    Comment:  Our daughter has attended the nursery and the Pre-K programs at SSCA, and we have been thrilled with the school's approach to early childhood education. The classroom environments are loving and nurturing, the teachers are constantly going above and beyond with interesting art and science projects and neighborhood and park trips. Our only regret is that rest time was only 30-45 minutes in the nursery program, and appears to only be about 25-30 minutes in the pre-K program. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours.