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    Tina Goldstein - Bend + Bloom

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    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 07-Feb-2021
    Subject:  Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey
    Comment:  Tina Goldstein's new mothers support group via Bend and Bloom Yoga studio is amazing. I didn't realize how hard it would be to be a new parent who couldn't interact with other new parents and this gave me some of that back
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 29-Mar-2019
    Subject:  2019 Birth Survey
    Comment:  Tina Goldstein's support group for new moms at Bend + Bloom has been great.
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 29-Dec-2017
    Subject:  Review
    Comment:  Please see mine and my husband's completed review of Tina Goldstein:"This past fall Tina Goldstein, our postpartum doula and certified breast feeding counselor, made my life infinitely more easy. I knew Tina because she instructed my favorite class at Bend and Bloom Yoga. I looked forward to going every week as she had this grounded presence with light hearted humor, and she led a relieving and calming routine. Our initial consultation meeting with her was the most holistic, real and ideal prenatal meeting I had over the course of my entire pregnancy. After hiring her she continued to impress me and I was eternally grateful for that decision. Her companionship brought me and my baby joy. Her knowledge and intuition soothed and relieved my motherly anxieties and uncertainties. Tina guided me in the many challenges and beauties of breastfeeding all the while fostering mindfulness about my personal health. She even cared for the baby while guiding me in meditation and a gentle postpartum yoga practice! Tina inspired self confidence, helping my husband build his own independent skills and intuition as a father. She left me a stronger, well informed and flexible mother. For all these reasons and more, I strongly recommend Tina Goldstein as postpartum doula and certified breast feeding counselor for your family.-1st time Mother in South Slope, BK"From the time I first met her, I feel that an aura of calm always accompanied Tina Goldstein whenever she set foot in our home. Underneath this sense of composure is a solid core of knowledge and years of expertise, which Tina imparted to us during her fruitful visits. She was always able to answer any questions we had and ready to provide us with any advice she could, but her most valuable gift to us was confidence. She helped us discover that while we, just like anyone else, need some guidance in the great adventure of parenthood, so much of what we need to care for our baby is already within us.I highly recommend Tina Goldstein as a doula."-- husband and father in South Slope, BK