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    Maria Elena Dugan, RN, IBCLC
    Maria Elena Dugan, RN, IBCLC

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    On 17-Feb-2020
    Subject:  Lactation consultant who takes uhg
    Comment:  I had an extremely hard time getting an IBCLC who took my insurance (United Healthcare). In case you wind up stuck like me, I recommend going out of network with Maria Dugan (347-844-2211). She gives you the correct receipt for insurance submission.Maria is local to Park Slope and does home visits in the aftn/evening. Her full-time job is as a lactation consultant for a non-profit which supports women and families in poverty and at risk for related challenges. Maria was great with both my babes (different issues).
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    On 18-Jan-2020
    Subject:  Seeking Child Birthing Class
    Comment:   you need your own IBCLC to work w you at home, save this i for for later. I loved my person, Maria Dugan. She was great with both my kiddos (they had very different issues). She’s local to Park Slope and is a more reasonably-priced IBCLC. She does home visits.
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 10-Dec-2019
    Subject:  Fees for lactation consultants?
    Comment:  I used Maria Dugan twice (my babes had different issues) and she was great. She’s local to Park Slope and charged $175 for the home visit. I think $95 for a follow up? She provided thorough and unlimited call and text support. Maria is super generous with her time. She’s an IBCLC with literally decades of experience. I love her. :)
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    On 05-Dec-2019
    Subject:  Lactation Consultant who takes GHI/Emblem Health
    Comment:  My IBCLC helped me with both babes (different feeding issues). I found her to be very generous with her time, very knowledgeable, and much more affordable than the rest. If you get stuck with an out of pocket cost, consider Maria Dugan: 347-844-2211.
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    On 06-Sep-2019
    Subject:  lactation consultant
    Comment:  Ohh, I cannot more highly recommend Maria Dugan, IBCLC. She was fantastic with both of my children. She was a NICU nurse and now works as a lactation consultant full time at a non-profit which supports low income and high risk mothers and children. She does her own IBCLC work in the evenings. She’s extremely patient and knowledgeable. When I ask a question, she’s citing her experience *and* “...recent research is demonstrating...” I love that she’s evidenced based.
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    On 26-Jul-2019
    Subject:  Lactation consultant?
    Comment:  I worked with Maria Dugan with both kiddos for different issues. She’s excellent. She’s an IBCLC and former NICU nurse. Maria works full time as an IBCLC at a BK non-profit. She does aftn, evening, wknd house calls in Park Slope. Her prices are the most reasonable I’ve seen, too. 347-844-2211.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 10-Mar-2018
    Subject:  Re: ISO: lactation consultant.
    Comment:  Congrats on your new baby, Alex!! We used Maria Dugan, IBCLC back in August and she’s excellent. She works as a lactation consultant for a non-profit for women in poverty. Maria lives in Park Slope and does local house calls. She is very reasonably priced and was very responsive during our time together. She made 2 house calls. My little dude spent 8 days in the NICU, and she helped me establish a full milk supply, so he’s been EBF since then! Best of luck to you.
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    On 27-Jan-2018
    Subject:  Lactation consultant, breastfeeding support groups?
    Comment:  I had an excellent experience with Maria Dugan. She's local to Center Slope and does home visits. She is an IBCLC and her day job is lactation consultant with a non-profit, specifically to support high needs moms who experience poverty.Maria was exceedingly reasonable in pricing [...] She said IBCLCs charge one fee "per problem," meaning, they'll do multiple home visits until the issue is resolved. She came twice. She was so kind and responsive that we insisted on paying more for the 2nd visit.
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 26-Dec-2017
    Subject:  Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey
    Comment:  Excellent and affordable! Based on a August, 2017 birthing experience.